Online Photo Submission

Students participating in Orientation should submit a photo in advance, following the guidelines below to receive your University ID card at Orientation. If you do not submit a photo prior to your scheduled orientation session or do not have the resources to submit a photo, please visit the on-campus University ID Services location during the orientation session or email for assistance.
How To Submit A Photo
  1. Go to the eAccounts Portal
  2. Enter your network login and password
  3. Click on the Profile tab
  4. Click on the Click to submit a new photo link
  5. Please read the Terms of Services and continue if you approve
  6. Follow the requirements to upload and submit a photo
  7. University ID Services will email you regarding the next steps
Tips for a Perfect Photo
  • Photos must be
    • Current (taken within the last six months)
    • A front-facing view of ONLY the cardholder
    • In color
    • In focus
    • Free of social media filters
    • Taken on a solid, light color background
  • The photo MUST be .jpg (or .jpeg) file format.
Position and Attire
  • When taking the photo, the subject should
    • Ensure no family, friends, animals, objects, hands, etc are in the shot
    • Be centered and forward-facing (avoid head-tilting)
    • Be in regular attire (no uniforms or costumes)
    • Not wear dark glasses or hats (unless required for religious or medical reasons)
    • Attempt to reduce glare if wearing glasses
Examples of Acceptable & Unacceptable Photos
Hand gestures
Facing away from the camera
Friend in shot
Filtered image

Dark background
Cropped image
Busy backround

Failure to comply with any or all of these requirements will result in your ID photo not being accepted for processing and may require you to have your photo taken in person.
Card Pickup

When your photo is accepted you will receive a confirmation email from University ID Services.  If you are attending a GB Orientation session, your University ID card will be available during the orientation session. You will receive information regarding the pick-up time and location with your orientation materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

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