As the “living room” of campus, the University Union plays a huge part in UW-Green Bay life. However, the building goes beyond just providing services to the campus community. With state-of-the-art technology, the Union has implemented many sustainable practices for the building.

Overview of the Buildings Sustainable Programs

  • In 2011, two rain barrels were installed outside the building to collect rainwater. Since this water is not chemically treated, it is used for plants around the building, as well as the Memorial Garden and the Sustainable Local Organic (SLO) Food Alliance’s food gardens.
  • Every year a recycling program, Recyclemania, is brought to campus. Recyclemania promotes better recycling practices for students and staff, as well as promoting across-campus cooperation to conserve.
  • There are many ways that the Union, along with UW-Green Bay, encourages the reuse of drinking containers. Reusable water bottles and coffee mugs are available for purchase in The Phoenix Bookstore. Along with purchasing reusable drinking containers, there is a hydration station located on the second floor of the University Union that keeps track of how many plastic water bottles are saved. For those coffee nuts, there is still opportunity to be sustainable in the Union. At Common Grounds Coffeehouse, if you bring a reusable mug, you are given a discount on coffee.  Discounts are also available at all dining locations on a variety of beverages when using your reusable mug.
  • The building itself implements ways to be conservative. With the use of double doors, natural lighting, and window blinds, the building is able to be more conservative with heating and cooling costs. Motion activated, energy efficient LED lights are used as a way to save energy in the building. In addition, our restrooms use motion activated soap dispensers, sinks, toilets, and drying stations, to stay clean without wasting water or electricity. 
  • In addition, YOUR University Union promotes dining programs that are environmentally friendly. For example, our ‘Naturally’ program indorses locally bought, organic foods through our dining service provider, Chartwells. In addition to sponsoring organic food options, Chartwells practices ocean-friendly seafood choices. Practicing conservation in YOUR University Union goes beyond food options; we also provide a composting program right here on campus!
  • You might be coming to UW-Green Bay to save the world, but with all of our sustainability programs, you don’t need to have superhuman powers. With these sustainable options, it’s easy to “go green” at UW-Green Bay.