COVID-19 Updates

The Office of International Education is working to evaluate individual programs and re-open locations on a case-by-case basis for upcoming terms.  Many factors are included in the evaluation criteria, including relevant warnings from the CDC, U.S. Department of State, World Health Organization, UW System considerations and policies, UW-Green Bay risk management, considerations and policies, and information collected from partners abroad.

Program Updates
Next Steps for Interested Students
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Program Updates

Determining which programs remain open to accept applications will be based on a variety of factors including continual evaluations by UW-Green Bay Risk Management and the Office of International Education, local conditions at the program site, participation trends, and partner and program host capacity. The Office of International Education will inform affected students in case of changes to programs. 

All programs are listed on our Destinations website. If the program you are interested in does not currently have an open application, please note that we are constantly monitoring global circumstances and will reevaluate the opening of each program application as conditions allow. 
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  1. Will I need to be vaccinated for COVID-19 to study abroad? 
    1. Most likely yes. While UW-Green Bay does not require vaccinations, many host countries or partners abroad may in the coming months.  Refer to the individual program website for details.
    2. Most countries allowing U.S. citizens to enter require a negative COVID test within 72 hours, quarantine, proof of vaccination, or a combination of these.  We are also seeing more "COVID passports", where proof of vaccination/negative test is needed to enter restaurants, museums, concerts, or other indoor/crowded venues.
    3.  Get your vaccine/booster ASAP so you are ready for summer or fall programs!
  2. When should I apply for a passport?
    1. Apply NOW!  Passport applications are taking longer (as well as visa applications) - up to 11 weeks to process! Summer 2023 applicants should have a passport by spring break or earlier, Fall 2023 by early summer. Learn more

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Next Steps & What Can You Do?

Thinking about study abroad is exciting!  Though there is uncertainty, it's important to know that the Office of International Education is prioritizing the safety of UW-Green Bay students and staff as we evaluate and assess programs. We will work together with you in your study abroad planning and help advise your next steps and answer whatever questions you have. 
Research Programs
  • Make an advising appointment with the Office of International Education to talk about your options and questions or attend an event 
  • Be open and flexible! COVID-19 situation can change rapidly and may require flexibility or openness to other options from you.
  • Look at virtual and domestic options. UW-Green Bay offers virtual internships abroad (see Destinations) and is part of National Student Exchange. This is a domestic option that allows you to study all over the United States!
  • Make sure you will have a valid passport that is valid for at least 6 months after your program end date. If you don't, apply right away as processing times may be delayed.  Visit our Passport Guide page for details. For semester programs, a valid passport is needed for visa applications and will be needed 3-4 months before departure. 
  • Have a back-up plan in case your program is cancelled (i.e. classes to take at UW-Green Bay, housing, etc.)
  • Apply by the program deadline! Make sure you commit to your program as well once accepted.
Understand your program's costs
  • Generally application fees are non-refundable, however in the case of COVID-19 cancellations there is flexibility. If UW-Green Bay cancels a program, the application fee will likely be refunded (note that any credit card fees charged on top of application fees are not refundable). If you choose to cancel your in-person program due to COVID-19 concerns the Office of International Education will evaluate a refund on a case-by-case basis.  
  • If a program is cancelled by UW-Green Bay or a partner institution, the Office of International Education will work with you directly to facilitate any cancellations, program deferments, and to minimize financial disruption.
  • You may see line items or notes in the program budget for testing, quarantine protocols, or other entry requirements to your host country.
WAIT on these activities:
  • Do not purchase airfare until advised.  Explore full refundable tickets and travel insurance options.
  • Do not put money down for housing abroad until advised.  Have a back-up plan if your program is cancelled and read any lease agreements (especially cancellation policies!) carefully.
  • Avoid paying for any other non-recoverable expenses until advised.
What will my experience be like? 
Depending on the location, your study abroad experience will likely follow a "new normal". This means you may have to keep up with local guidelines on masks, social distancing, curfews, event regulations and more. For example, although the United States currently does not mandate the use of masks, a host country may do so in which case you will have to follow the mandate in that country. However, many countries have opened back up and are monitoring the situation while slowly returning to life similar to what we knew before the pandemic.

Keep in mind that the COVID-19 situation remains dynamic and can change in a matter of hours or days. ​The Office of International Education encourages students to take responsibility and follow their specific destination's entry and exit requirements concerning US citizens, changes to programs due to Covid-19 (OIE will communicate), and host country/region/city/university regulations. 

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