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Billing Due Dates

It pays to stay up to date

No one likes a late fee.

Keep up with your email alerts. You'll avoid missing important deadlines and the late fees that come with them. Check out the different dates below.

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Term Due dates and deadlines

Each term has its own payment due dates.  Click on link below for calendars.  

Term Deadlines
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Refunds for drops/withdrawals

When you add or drop a course your bill can change. Click below to see the refund schedule.

Mark the Calendar
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Find Financial Advice

Financial Aid counselors assist with applying for aid and other options for funding educational costs.

Financial Aid
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We're here to Help

Need help? If you have questions about deadlines, invoices, due dates, or anything related to student billing, just give us a call at (920) 465-2224 and we'll answer your questions.

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