Accessible Events and Taglines

Student Accessibility Services recommends using an accessibility tagline on all public information that advertises an event.  These statements give people with disabilities relevant information on who to contact for accommodations.

Accommodations Statement to Include on Program Announcements and Registrations Materials

“If you need an accommodation to attend this event, please contact (name, event host/coordinator) at (phone number/email). All accommodation requests should be made no less than two weeks before the event. We will attempt to fulfill requests made after this date, but cannot guarantee they will be met.”

Dietary Statement to Include on Registration Materials if the Event Includes a Meal

“If you have special dietary needs, please contact (name, host department) at (phone number/email).”

Alternative Formats Statement to Include for all Publications of Handouts Related to the Event

“This document is available in alternative formats upon request by contacting (name, host department) at (phone number/email).”