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Scholar in Residence

2014 - Mariano Saravia

Open in full sizeMariano Saravia is this semester’s Scholar in Residence. Mariano comes to Green Bay from Mendoza, Argentina. A specialist in Human Rights and international politics, he is the author of ten books on different political issues including a widely translated work on the Armenian genocide (El grito armenio El Emporio Ediciones, 2007).

Mariano work as a journalists has appeared in several prominent Argentinean newspapers. He regularly contributes to news broadcasts on the radio and television in Cordova, Argentina. Mariano has traveled extensively around the world and has studied in Canada, Italy, Germany and Spain. In addition to his native Spanish, he is fluent in French, Italian and Portuguese.


  • SPAN 358 Latin America Today
  • SPAN 465 Special Topics: Human Rights in Latin America

This is what the students have to say:

  • “By far, throughout all my semesters here at UW-Green Bay, Mr. Saravia has been the most knowledgeable in this topic/area. I really loved his classes and all the information he has given us.”
  • “He is a great teacher. Very informative and extremely intelligent. I enjoyed coming to class because of him. I truly feel that I have learned a lot this semester. Thank you!.”
  • “Quizzes and test were interesting. He had a good system and I felt that I was able to remember more than in most of my other courses.”

Community engagements:

  • “The Armenian Genocide” Mauthe Center
  • “A cry for recognition: The Armenian Genocide” Armenian Church of Milwaukee
  • “The Armenian Genocide” St. Gregory the Illuminators, Armenian Church of Chicago
  • “The Armenian Genocide” Boston College

2013 - Luisa Etxenike

Open in full sizeHas published the following novels: El detective de sonidos (2011), El ángulo ciego (Euskadi Literary Award 2009), Los peces negros (2005), Vino (2000), El mal más grave (1997) and Efectos secundarios (1996), and the short story collections Ejercicios de duelo (2001), and La historia de amor de Margarita Maura (1990).

Her short stories have been included in numerous anthologies, the most recent: Un deseo propio. Antología de escritoras españolas contemporáneas, edited by Inmaculada Pertusa y Nancy Vosbrug.

She has translated from French the works of Jacques Roubaud (Algo negro), Jean-Michel Maulpoix (La cabeza de Paul Verlaine) and Claude Lanzmann (Alguien vivo pasa).


She teaches creative writing workshops at the Cultural Center Ernest LLuch (San Sebastián, Spain) and at the University of the Basque Country (Bilbao). She also teaches courses on "Theory of Narration" and "Gender Studies" for the University of the Basque Country (Aula de la Experiencia, Bilbao).

She is the coordinator of the International Encounter of Women Writers that takes place annually in San Sebastian since 1988.

In 2007 she was awarded the distintion of Chevalier d' Ordre des Arts et des Lettres by the French Government.

In 2012, San Sebastian's municipal government awarded her the Medalla al Mérito Ciudadano (Medal for Exemplary Citizenship).

Among her hobbies are bird watching and archery.


As a Scholar in Residence at UW-Green Bay, Luisa Etxenike taught

  • ENG 338 World Literatures (Team-taught with Professor Saxton-Ruiz)
  • SPAN 465 Special Topics: Contar con cuentos (Team-taught with Professor Cristina Ortiz)

This is what students had to say

“I think she was a very effective teacher. It was interesting to get a different perspective on gender issues from someone that isn’t American. She was coherent, clear and in general, AWESOME!” (ENG 338 World Literatures)

“This class was a wonderful, eye-opening and thought provoking inquiring into texts, themes and authors I wasn’t familiar with.” (ENG 338 World Literatures)

“It was interesting. I wish she could have stayed longer!” (SPAN 465: Special Topics)

“She cared not about who was best at Spanish, but how much we improved over the semester” (SPAN 465: Special Topics)

Other Academic & Community Engagements

  • Brown County Library presentation on “Madame Bovary” (Great Works Series)
  • Kavarna Coffee House presentation “Homage a Albert Camus”
  • UW-Green Bay Mauthe Center “Terrorism in the Basque Country”
  • Aldo Leopold Community School: “Of tigers, metaphors and the power of literature” to 4/5 graders
  • UW-Madison Center for European Studies: “Bigger Words, Violence and Common Heroes: Writing in the Basque Country”

2012 - Alex Godoy

Open in full sizeAlex Godoy is Associate Professor and Research Fellow in the Research Center for Sustainability, Faculty of Ecology and Natural Resources at Universidad Andres Bello. He is a Doctor in the Engineering Sciences, Chemical Engineering and Bioprocesses Area awarded by the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. His thesis about "Bioremediation by composting of desert mining soils and sawdust contaminated with hydrocarbons in aerated-vessels" gave him the opportunity to learn a multidisciplinary experience by applying environmental microbiology, environmental management and chemical engineering inside Minera Escondida the copper mine with the largest production in the world operated by BHP-Billiton. Since then, he became very interested on how to use the technological management applied to environmental management and green technologies in connection with public policies, environmental economic, society and education. He has a special interest in the relationships between Science, Technology and Society with focus on Sustainable Development as well as Environmental Leadership and Innovation for Evidence-based public policy-making in developing countries. He was awarded as Young Researcher Award at the 4th European Bioremediation Conference 2008, Greece; Academic Excellence in The Second International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology 2006, USA and one of the winners of the Challenge of Innovation Week and Innovation Entrepreneurship 2008. In 2006 he was recognized as one of the 100 young leaders SATURDAY 2006 by the magazine El Mercurio.


As a Scholar in Residence at UW-Green Bay, Mr. Godoy taught

  • ENV SCI 318/518 Pollution Control (Team-taught with Professor John Katers)
  • SPAN 465 Special Topics: Environmental Issues in the Americas

This is what the students had to say

"I learned so much about Latin America. I never thought I could learn this much in one semester!"

"Alex style of teaching was very inclusive. He makes everything so relevant. Thanks!"

"I was intimidated at the beginning and did not know what to expect, but this was my favorite class of the entire semester."

2011 - Jorge Eduardo Benavides

Open in full sizeJorge Eduardo Benavides (Arequipa, Peru 1964- ) studied Law and Political Science at the Universidad de Garcilaso de la Vega in Lima. After graduating from the university, he led creative writing workshops and worked as a radio journalist in the Peruvian capital. From 1991 to 2002, he lived in Tenerife, Spain, where he was editor in chief of the newspaper Siglo XXI as well as a weekly columnist for the Sunday supplement of the Diario de Avisos. During his time in Tenerife, he also founded and directed the workshop on narrative Entrelineas, taught courses at several institutions including the Universidad de La Laguna and the Casa de la Cultura de Santa Cruz.

He has published two collections of short stories, Cuentario y otros relatos (Okura Editores, 1989) and La noche de Morgana (Alfaguara, 2005) as well as four novels with Alfaguara, one of the most prestigious publishers in Spanish and Spanish-American letters, Los anos inutiles (2002), El ano que rompi contigo (2003), Un millon de soles (2008) and La paz de los vencidos (2009). Benavides has won several important awards including most recently the 2009 Premio Novela Corta Julio Ramon Ribeyro for his novel La paz de los vencidos. He has been a finalist for the Premio Tigre Juan and Premio Internacional de Novela Romulo Gallegos.

As a professor of creative writing, he has given seminars and courses at Harvard, the Instituto Cervantes in Vienna and Albuquerque, and other universities and cultural centers in Madrid, Granada, La Coruna, Santander, Lima, Miami and Geneva. He also directed an on-line creative writing course in collaboration with Grupo Prisa's literary blog, El Boomeran(g).

He currently resides in Madrid, directing the Centro de Formacion de Novelistas (www.cfnovelistas.com) and writes frequently for publications such as El Pais, Letras Libres, Ene and Mercurio.


As a Scholar in Residence at UW-Green Bay, Mr. Benavides taught

  • SPAN 438 Major Spanish and Latin American Writers (3 cr)
  • SPAN 465 Special Topics: Creative Writing. (3 cr)

This is what UW-Green Bay students had to say about these courses:

"Having a distinguished scholar at UW-Green Bay was an opportunity that kept me here an extra semester."
"Jorge's attitude and working relationship with students was a joy."
"The teacher was amazing, it brought a brand new feeling to the class and it was interesting seeing a teacher teaching abroad."
"It was nothing but great having Jorge Eduardo Benavides as a professor."
"I felt his classes were challenging, but in a good way."
"I learned so much!"

Other Academic & Community Engagements

  • Brown County Library presentation on "Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter" (Great Works Series)
  • Reader's Loft Presentation: Bilingual reading of selected works by Jorge Eduardo Benavides (translated by Prof. Saxton-Ruiz)
  • Aldo Leopold Community School: Reading of Mario Vargas Llosa short story "Fonchito and the Moon" to 2/3 graders.
  • UW-Madison: "Public Presentation Latin American Writers in Exile," Creative Writing Workshop and selected reading of his work.
  • Cervantes Institute (Chicago): Creative Writing Workshop