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What is Social Work?

Two well-known social educators describe the social work profession in the following way:

Social work emerged as a profession early in the twentieth century and today is the profession charged with fulfilling the social welfare mandate to promote well-being and quality of life. Thus, social work encompasses activities directed at improving human and social conditions and alleviating human distress and social problems. Social workers, as caring professionals, work with people to enhance their competence and functioning, to access social supports and resources, to create humane and responsive social services, and to expand the structures of society that provide opportunities for all citizens. (DuBois and Miley, 2008, p.1)

Thus, social work is a profession that helps individuals, families, neighborhoods and communities come together to address social concerns and to create a better quality of life for community members. Social workers have always worked on these issues together with the most distressed and most marginalized families.

Why Would I Want to be a Social Worker?

If you are searching for a challenging profession, and an exciting, rewarding, and stimulating career in a field that is always changing, this profession might meet your needs.

If you are a "people person" who appreciates interacting with individuals from a variety of backgrounds, who enjoys working with people to help create change, and who believes strongly that you must be open-minded and compassionate, this might be your profession.

If you are someone who wants to make a difference, to help people make positive changes in their lives, this is the profession for you. If you want to get involved and make things better for individuals, children and families, your community and society in general, and if you are challenged by social injustice and moved by the courage of the human spirit, social work will become your profession.

Why Should I Come into the BSW Program at UW-Green Bay?

The major in social work, leading to the Bachelor of Social Work degree, offers a significant opportunity for students who seek careers in the human services. The program prepares students for entry-level professional practice and provides educational preparation applicable to a wide range of positions in the human services. Program graduates secure positions serving populations in need, including the elderly, children and their families, persons with developmental and other disabilities, the economically dependent, juvenile and adult offenders, individuals facing mental health challenges, and persons with substance abuse issues.

In the social work program students complete a service, learning experience and an internship in community agencies in their junior and senior years, respectively. This "hands on" experience working directly with clients helps students prepare for professional practice after graduation. Students consider the field experience to be one of the most important aspects of their academic careers.

The BSW program is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. This allows graduates to obtain advanced standing in MSW social work programs and makes them eligible for state certification as social workers.

The BSW Program uses a student centered, collaborative, and competency based education model. The Program offers a child welfare emphasis for students interested in working with vulnerable children and families. Some student stipends and scholarships are also available.

If I'm Interested in the Social Work Program, What Should I Do Next?

We recommend that you contact the program for an advising appointment. The program has an admissions process and a number of required support courses we would like to tell you about in this advising meeting. Contact Ryan Roberts, the Social Work Professional Advisor at 920-465-2679 or to schedule an appointment.