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BSW Field Education

Purpose of the Field Education Experience

Field work is considered a signature pedagogy of the social work profession and is an exciting step in becoming a qualified bachelor's level social worker.

The student’s field experience is one of the most vital aspects of their career in the BSW Program. In the field placement, everything a student learns in the classroom is tested out, students have opportunities to meet with clients and work closely with practicing social workers, and real helping occurs.
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The Field Placement as Part of the Social Work Curriculum

Students in the BSW Program complete a service-learning experience during spring of the junior year and a field placement in their senior year.  These experiences give students the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge and skills in a social service setting related to their area of interest.

Junior service learning focuses on teamwork and professionalism in a human services setting, working with diverse populations.

In senior field placements, students work to demonstrate the nine social work competencies.  Senior field typically requires direct practice with clients (individuals, families, and small groups) as field placements are developed to ensure students acquire competence in introductory social work generalist skills.  Students will also explore macro facets of practice including policy, research, and advocacy.

Planning for the Field Placement

Field placement planning is organized by the BSW Field Coordinator, who educates students about the field placement process, meets with students to discuss their professional interests, maintains relationships with field agencies, and helps students with challenges that may arise during the course of their placements.

Students will work with the BSW Field Coordinator to secure their junior service-learning experience during fall of their junior year, and their senior field placement during spring of their junior year.

Current BSW students may find more detail about these processes in the BSW Student Portal on Canvas.