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The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Safety and Environmental Management department facilitates University compliance with environmental and occupational safety programs that meet standards established by federal, state and local agencies.

Report a Safety Concern

Click here to access the Safety Reporting page.  Instructions on How to enter Safety Concern
Here are Protocols for reporting safety concerns.

Training: Winter Walking- Staying on Your Feet
Click here to access the training.

Winter Weather Tips:
  • Dress warm enough to endure the cold conditions. Even if you are just running a quick outside errand, ask yourself if you could survive outside in the cold for an hour.
  • Use entrances to campus and buildings that have been cleared, even if they’re not the most convenient.
  • When walking, keep your hands out of your pockets to allow for better balancing.
  • Assume the pavement may be icy, conditions may be deceiving.
  • Wear footwear appropriate for the slippery conditions you will walk in and change your footwear once inside if necessary.
  • When driving, anticipate the need for extra stopping distance and reduce your speed early and provide extra distance once stopped.
  • If an area is closed, such as a roadway or path, don’t use it. Please know that it was closed for a reason.
  • Don’t use cruise control or sharp wheel corrections when driving, they can cause of loss of traction in slippery areas.
  • Always make sure you have good visibility before you drive, clear all your windows off.
  • Keep your vehicle maintained and with at least half a tank of gas. You never know when you might get stuck.
  • Watch for GB Alerts, emails and visit Safety & Environmental webpage regarding any safety concerns on campuses.


Scott Piontek
University Safety Manager
Fax 920-465-5104
Cofrin Library, 823C
Current Safety Notices
Green Bay No Concerns
Manitowoc No Concerns
Marinette No Concerns
Sheboygan Physical Education Building, closed due to failure of fire alarm system