Sample Proposals

Sample Research Scholar Proposals

Scott Ashmann

Department: Professional Program in Education 
Unit: Professional Studies
Title: National Science Foundation (NSF) Grant Proposal with the Einstein Project
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Andrew Kersten

Department: History
Unit: Social Change & Development
Title: Biography of Clarence S. Darrow
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Illene Noppe

Department: Human Development
Title: Death Studies, Focused on Death Education
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Amy Wolf

Department: Biology
Unit: Natural and Applied Sciences
Title: Development of a National Science Foundation REU Proposal for an internationally networked study of temperate forest dynamics
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Grants in Aid of Research Sample Proposals

Alison Gates

Department: Art & Design
Unit: Fibers & Textiles
Title: Effects of Global Warming on Material Culture
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John Luczaj

Department: Natural and Applied Sciences 
Unit: Geoscience
Title: Heavy metals and radium analysis of Ancell Group groundwater beneath the National Railroad Museum in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin
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Clifton Ganyard

Department: Humanistic Studies 
Unit: History
Title: Japanese Language Study at Yamasa Institute
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Alma E. Rodriguez Estrada

Department: Natural and Applied Sciences 
Title: Isolation and Identification of Microorganisms from Soil Samples 
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Grants Integrating Research & Teaching Samples


Uwe Pott

Department: Natural and Applied Sciences
Unit: Biology
Title: Identification of the rKr2 Nuclear Localization Signal in the Molecular Biology Lab Course