Training to Teach Instructors - Program Application

There are two sections for submitting Train-the-Trainer programs for approval. Step one is to register the program information and main contact. Step two is to submit the instructors for the program. Prior to beginning the application process, have curriculum ready to submit, instructor information and payment. Train-the-trainer curriculum and instructor requirements are available in the following links and should be reviewed prior to application submission.

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(This application is to run a Train-the-Trainer Program not to become an instructor. Click the blue box above if you are looking to train employees.)

Step One

Program Application 

The main contact for the proposed Train-the-Trainer program will create an account and upload all of the information on behalf of the organization creating the program. This is not an instructor application to teach employees. To teach employees please apply at this link: Instructor Application

  1. Request a link for the program application on the buttons below.
  2. Log into the program application for the training type(s) for which you were emailed the link.
  3. Create a password and fill in user information, along with the primary e-mail that will be used by the program. If you already have an account, then log in using your account user name and password and update the information as needed.
  4. Complete the information requested and then submit payment for the program. Please note that fees are not refundable. Fees can be found on the Frequently Asked Questions Page.
  5. Course curriculum will need to be submitted electronically or by mail to the registry.

Fire Safety

Request a train-the-trainer program application.
Apply to run a program 

First Aid and Choking

Request a train-the-trainer program application.
Apply to run a program

Medication Administration

Request a train-the-trainer program application.
Apply to run a program

Standard Precautions

Request a train-the-trainer program application.
Apply to run a program

Step Two

Instructor Applications

  1. After processing the program application, this registry will send the primary contact an e-mail with a customized link for the instructor applications.
  2. All instructors can be entered at one time.
  3. The following information will need to be entered: name of instructor, date of birth, phone number, instructor's e-mail address and qualification/credential information.
  4. Complete the information requested and submit payment for the instructors.
  5. Once the program and instructors are approved, an e-mail will be sent and the registry will be updated.