Return Material Process


The purpose of this policy is to ensure the proper procedure for return of materials or equipment to the vendor for credit, exchange or repair, due to damage, receiving an incorrect item, incompatibility or not receiving what was expected.


Departments must obtain authorization from the vendor to return the material/equipment. The vendor will normally issue a return authorization number (RA#). The RA# must appear on the outside of the package; the vendor may/can refuse shipment without this information. Departments are responsible for packaging and arranging shipment with the vendor or shipper. If the return is required due to vendor error, a UPS call tag should be requested: this way the vendor pays for return shipping costs. Please provide 4-digit department mail code when returning any item. There may be pick-up fees charged by the carrier.

Returns can be routed through the UWGB Mail Center. Materials and equipment valued up to $100.00 are insured automatically. Additional insurance can be purchased on items whose value exceeds $100.00. Contact the Mailroom at x2215 for more information regarding insured items.

Departments must notify Purchasing of any change to a purchase order due to a return, so that Purchasing may issue a change order. (See PPP #11).

Remember to notify Controller's Office of any changes of capital inventory status due to returns or exchanges. 

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