Purchasing Card Program


The UW-Green Bay Purchasing Card is a VISA card, issued through US Bank, which is made available to employees by the UW-Green Bay Purchasing Office. It is designed to replace low dollar, best judgment purchase orders and blanket orders. The Purchasing Card is for departmental purchases only, not employee travel or for personal use.

All UW-Green Bay employees who currently rely on best judgment orders or blanket orders to obtain required services and supplies are eligible to apply for a card. Enrollment in the program is contingent upon approval of the respective Department Chair and Dean's Office. Single transaction and monthly spending limits vary, depending on the individual cardholder, their Department and Dean's Office. Individual transactions may not exceed the single transaction amount of $5,000.



If interested in participating in the program, contact Purchasing at X2598. Further details on the program and the required enrollment forms are available at the following website: here

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