State of Wisconsin Mandatory Contract (VendorNet):

You can view State Bureau of Procurement mandatory contracts as well as UW-Madison contracts, and State of Wisconsin purchasing policies and procedures on the VendorNet website.

Click on "Contracts" and enter search keyword. 

(Contact Purchasing for assistance in navigating this site or review the VendorNet 2.0 guide for public use.)

*NOTE* For individuals that previously accessed VendorNet via a "View only" login to view contracts - it is no longer necessary to login to access that information.

UW-System Contracts:

Contracts available for use by UW-System campuses

UW-Madison Contracts:

Cooperative purchase contracts; we are allowed to buy using these contracts and apply the discounts listed. The use of these contracts is not mandated, however, the discounts offered are very competitive, due to UW-Madison's buying power.

Gateway to UW Madison, UW System, and DOA Contracts