Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Office of the Provost

Comprehensive Program Review

During the academic year 2020-2021, UW Green Bay was asked by UW System to conduct a comprehensive program review of its programs. There were several reasons for us to do this:
  1. The last comprehensive program review was conducted in 2006, which means that it has been 14 years since the institution has taken stock of its curricular array as a whole.
  2. The University recently revised its Mission, and it is a good opportunity to align its curricular array with that Mission.
  3. UW System has asked that all institutions conduct some kind of comprehensive program review this academic year as part of a “strategic planning process that connects resources – human, financial, and physical – to institutional mission and vision.” Comprehensive program review offers the opportunity to take control of our curricular array.
  4. The review offers the opportunity to consider the challenges and opportunities faced by programs, units, colleges, and the institution as a whole. The review may reveal innovations and successes that should be celebrated as well as opportunities for development.
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2020 Undergraduate Program Comprehensive Review

Undergraduate Program Comprehensive Program Review Comprehensive Program Major & Minor
Accounting Accounting Review Accounting Majors & Minors
Art Art Review Art Major & Minor
Arts Management Arts Management Review Arts Management Major & Minor
Biology Biology Review Biology Major & Minor
Business Administration Business Administration Review Business Administration Major & Minor
Chemistry Chemistry Review Chemistry Major & Minor
Communication and Information Science Communication and Information Science Review Communication and Information Science Major & Minor
Computer Science Computer Science Review Computer Science Major & Minor
Democracy and Justice Studies Democracy and Justice Studies Review Democracy and Justice Studies Major & Minor
Design Arts Design Arts Review Design Arts Major & Minor
Economics Economics Review Economics Major & Minor
Education Education Review Education Major
Electrical Engineering Technology Electrical Engineering Technology Review Electrical Engineering Technology Major
English English Review English Major & Minor
Environmental Engineering Technology Environmental Engineering Technology Review Environmental Engineering Technology Major
Environmental Policy Planning Environmental Policy Planning Review Environmental Policy Planning Major & Minor
Environmental Science Environmental Science Review Environmental Science Major & Minor
First Nation Studies First Nation Studies Review First Nation Studies Major & Minor
French French Review French Minor
Geography Geography Review Geography Minor
Geoscience Geoscience Review Geoscience Major & Minor
German German Review German Major & Minor
Global Studies Global Studies Review Global Studies Minor
Health Information Management & Technology Health Information Management & Technology Review Health Information Management & Technology Major
History History Review History Major & Minor
Human Biology Human Biology Review Human Biology Major & Minor
Human Resource Management Human Resource Management Review Unavailable
Humanities Humanities Review Humanities Major & Minor
Management Management Review Unavailable
Marketing Marketing Review Marketing Major
Mathematics & Statistics Mathematics & Statistics Review Mathematics & Statistics Major & Minor
Mechanical Engineering Technology Mechanical Engineering Technology Review Mechanical Engineering Technology Major
Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Review Mechanical Engineering Major
Music Music Review Music Major & Minor
Nursing Nursing Review Nursing Major
Nursing Traditional BSN Nursing Traditional BSN Review Nursing Traditional BSN Major
Organizational Leadership Organizational Leadership Review Organizational Leadership Major
Philosophy Philosophy Review Philosophy Major & Minor
Political Science Political Science Review Political Science Major & Minor
Psychology Psychology Review Psychology Major & Minor
Public Administration Public Administration Review Public Administration Major & Minor
Social Work Social Work Review Social Work Major
Sociology and Anthropology Sociology and Anthropology Review Sociology and Anthropology Minor
Spanish Spanish Review Spanish Major & Minor
Theater and Dance Theater and Dance Review Theater and Dance Major & Minor
Urban Studies Urban Studies Review Urban Studies Major & Minor
Water Science Water Science Review Water Science Major
Women's Gender Studies Women's Gender Studies Review Women's Gender Studies Minor
Writing and Applied Arts Writing and Applied Arts Review Writing and Applied Arts Major