Michelle Langenfeld

Superintendent, Green Bay Area Public School District
"Phuture Phoenix has not only inspired the dream of a post-secondary education for many Green Bay Area Public School District students over the years, it has played an integral part in making that dream a reality."

Jessica Doyle

Former Wisconsin First Lady
"The Phuture Phoenix program is one of the strongest and best ways to get students prepared for college in our state and in the nation. It includes all the components that really make for a program that works."

Steve Kimball

Associate Professor, Chair of Education, UW-Green Bay
"I have had the very good fortune to work with Phuture Phoenix both as Education Admissions Chair and as an instructor in the program. The Phellows are incredible people! They are professional, sincere, and work above and beyond what is required of them."

Amy Olson-Guillen

School Psychologist, Green Bay Preble High School
"For many Preble students, working with a UWGB Phuture Phoenix mentor has had a life-changing impact. They have learned that college is a possibility for them, how to apply to college, how to get scholarships; what it takes and how to get there. It is an incredibly valuable program that is making a huge impact in the lives of many Preble students."

Kim Desotell

GRACE President, Former Director of Phuture Phoenix
"A college education is the surest way to reverse poverty, putting a child and his or her family on the path to prosperity for the future. Phuture Phoenix aims to impact poverty by bolstering higher education rates in Northeast Wisconsin. From the beginning, the program founders idenfied the mission and they continue to stay on course as they target this important goal."

West De Pere Intermediate 5th Grade Teacher

"We appreciate the opportunity to come to your campus and hear all that UWGB has to offer. We even had some kids go home and tell their parents that they really want to go to college and that UWGB was a great place. I also received positive feedback from some parents who were so happy to hear that their children were thinking about college now where in the past it wasn't as important to them. I think the program you have at UWGB is wonderful and it really does get the kids thinking about their opportunities and possibilities. Thank you! We are so lucky to be able to have UWGB right in our backyard and provide the students with such a unique experience at this age."

UWGB Student Role Model

"I am really grateful for this experience and I think it’s awesome that we are educating and encouraging kids to learn more about college!"

UWGB Role Model

"The best part of the event was getting to know the students and getting to know what they want to be when they grow up. I think this was a great experience for both the kids and us college students. I am really grateful for this experience and I think it’s awesome that we are educating and encouraging kids to learn more about college!"

Lombardi Middle School Teacher

"I always enjoy having Phuture Phoenix mentors in my class. The students really stand out as being exceptional future educators and responsible young adults. They take initiative to getting to know the students and figure out how to work with them, are very reliable, and ask great questions."