Past Seminars

Date Speaker [Host] Title/Topic
9/23/22 Lynn Markham, MS
Center for Land Use Education
UW-Stevens Point
How Do Pesticides Affect Pollinators and Songbirds in Your Yard
10/2/22 Nancy Aten, MS, MLA,
Dan Collins, PE,
Dr. Chris Young, Ph.D

Land Restoration School
Big Seeds: The Land Restoration School
10/21/22 Dr. Olivia Bernauer, Ph.D
Department of Entomology
Pollination Biology: Cliamte Change and Bee Nutrition
11/4/22 Dr. Erin Stache, Ph.D
Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Cornell University
Photochemistry and Applications in Sustainable Polymer Chemistry
11/18/22 Emily Tyner MS
Director of Freshwater Strategy
UW-Green Bay
National Estuarine Research Reserve (NERR) Designation and Research Use
12/9/22 Dr. Patrick Forsythe, Ph.D,
Natural and Applied Sciences
UW-Green Bay
Lake Sturgeon in the Menominee River
Date Speaker [Host] Title/Topic
2/4/22 Tony Kuchma - Wetland Project Manager, Oneida Nation
Erin Giese, M.Sc. - Senior Research Specialist, UW- Green Bay Cofrin Center for Biodiveristy
Randy Cornelius - Tribal Member, Oneida Nation
Habitat Restoration and Bird Monitoring on the Oneida Nation
2/18/22 Steffanie Munguia, M.A,
Audobon Pan-Flyway Regional Director
Where the Ibis Roost: The Intersections of Biodiversity, Protected Areas, and Human Communities in the Caribbean
3/4/22 Dr. Angela Bauer, Ph.D,
Vice President for Academic Affairs
High Point University
No recording available
3/25/22 Dr. Cathy Rushworth, Ph.D
Postdoctoral Associate
University of Minnesota and University of California Davis
The Ecology and Evolution of Mate Choice in Wild Plant Populations
4/8/22 Stephanie Dodge
First Nations Graduate Assistant
UW-Sea Grant and Cofrin Center for Biodiversity, UW-Green Bay
First Nations Land Acknowledgement: Reciprocal Values with Restoration at the Wequiock Creek Natural Area
4/22/22 Dr. Amy Kabrhel, Ph.D,
Associate Professor of Chemistry,
UW-Green Bay, Manitowoc Campus
Embedding Green Chemistry into a General Chemistry Lab Curriculum
Date Speaker [Host] Title/Topic
9/10/21 Dr. Bill Dirienzo, Ph.D,
Associate Professor in Physics, UW- Green Bay, Sheboygan Campus
Dirienzo: Snakes & Bubbles: Star Formation in The Milky Way
9/24/21 Dr. J. Val Klump, JD, Ph.D,
Associate Dean, School of Freshwater Sciences, UW-Milwaukee
Klump: The Biogeochemical Dynamics of Hypoxia in Green Bay
10/8/21 Annie Schmitz, M.Sc.,
Hatchery Technician at The Farmory
Schmitz: Growing with The Farmory
11/5/21 Dr. Corey King, Ed.D,
Vice Chancellor for University Inclusivity & Student Affairs, UW-Green Bay
King: Understanding ABC’s of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
11/19/21 Dr. Madhusudan Katti, Ph.D,
Associate Professor, Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources, North Carolina State University
Katti: Five Shifts Towards Decolonized and Anti-Racist Practices for a More Inclusive Science
12/10/21 Dr. Swanne Gordon, Ph.D,
Ph.D, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Washington University in St Louis
Gordon: Evolution of diverse coloration and behavior: lessons from  ‘non-model’ model system in nature
Date Speaker [Host] Title/Topic
02/05 Scott T. Potter, PhD, PE,
Chief Hydrologist, Arcadis Inc.
02/19 Prof. Kelly Hogan, Assoc. Dean of Instructional
Innovation, University of North Carolina

Prof. Viji Sathy, Department of Psychology and
Neuroscience, University of North Carolina
"Inclusive Teaching Workshop"
03/05 Annie Schmitz,
Hatchery Technician, The Farmory
"Growing with The Farmory"
03/26 Dr. Michael Metzger,
Pacific Northwest Research Institute
"Contagious Cancer in Clams"
04/09 Prof. Rainer Lohmann,
Dept. of Oceanography, Univ. of Rhode Island
"Transport, Fate, and Bioaccumulation of PFAS"

[GSO guest]

Dr. Deahn Donner,
Project Leader & Research Landscape Ecologist, USFS
"Managing breeding and wintering habitat for the conservation of the Kirtland’s Warbler in a changing climate"
Date Speaker [Host] Title/Topic
09/11 Prof. Reed Matthews, Colo. School of Mines (giving Darcy Lecture at U. Del.) "Hydrology from the Bottom Up" [Note: talk at U. Del. starts at 1pm central!]
[GSO guest]
Dr. Daniel Storm,
"Deer Mortality & Chronic Wasting Disease"
[GSO guest]
Dr. Todd Hutchison,
Research Ecologist, US Forest Service
"Fire and Forest Regeneration"
[GSO guest]
Dr. Elissa Olimpi,
UC Davis
"Wildlife on the farm: Aligning conservation, production, and human health goals"
11/06 Dr. KathiJo Jankowski,
US Geological Survey
"Temperature Sensitivity and Ecosystem Metabolism in Rivers"
11/20 Dr. Jen Jeffrey,
University of Manitoba
"Using advanced molecular tools to examine the physiological status of wild fishes"
12/14 Prof. Bruce Snyder,
Georgia College & State University
Date Speaker Title/Topic
02/07 Matt Bach (USGS at UWGB) &  Matt Komiskey (USGS at Madison) “USGS Monitoring from Fields to Streams”
02/21 Dr. Bill Jacobsen,
Lecturer, UWGB
“Understanding glacier flow in a changing environment”
Prof. Andrea Romero,
“That was from Rosalind Franklin’s notes: Recovering women’s contributions to STEM with an intersectional lens”
“Ecology and conservation of mammals in Costa Rica’s Caribbean rainforests”
[GSO guest]
Dr. Elissa Olimpi, UC-Davis


“Wildlife on the farm: Aligning conservation, production, and human health goals”
Shelley Spear, Colorado State University


“How Ecological Context Drives Black Bear Reproduction and Human-Bear Conflicts in New Jersey”
Prof. William Holt, Urban Environmental Studies Program, Birmingham-Southern College


“Urban Environmental Studies: Developing Cross-Disciplinary Programs”
                  Fall Semester 2019                      
09/13 Dr. Ken Webb, Research Scientist & Lecturer, UWGB "Local and Sustainable: The Farmory and UWGB"
09/27 Prof. Anindo Choudhury, St. Norbert's College [Host: TBD]

There is a worm in my fish: Up close and personal with the human broad tapeworm"


Prof. Eric Carson, Wisconsin Geological & Natural History Survey, UW-Madison 
[Host: Luczaj]

"The River That Flows Uphill: Geologic evolution of the lower Wisconsin River valley, stream piracy, and reorganization of North American mid-continent rivers"
[GSO guest]
Nathan Haan Ph.D., Research Associate, Michigan State University "Monarch Butterflies" Their Interactions with Milkweed Host Plants and Predators"
11/08 Dr. Dragos G. Zaharescu, Lecturer, UWGB, central campus "From Rock to Life"
11/22 Asst. Prof. Renee Richer, UWGB, Marinette Campus "From Arabia to Appleton: Cyanotoxins and the risk to human health"
[GSO guest]
Aaron Martin, Wisc. Dept. of Nat. Resources "Digging deeper: highlights of WDNR research investigating connections among anthropogenic disturbance, wetland soils, and wetland condition"
         Spring Semester 2019           
02/08 Ben Geisler, Lecturer, UWGB "Adding Aspect Oriented Programming to a Video Game Engine through DSLs"
02/22 Kelly Wilhelm, Lecturer, UWGB "From Antarctica to Alaska: Soils and Climate Change in High Latitude Regions"
[Shapley Lecturer]
Nicolle Zellner, Albion College "Life in the Universe"/Astrobiology
[GSO guest]
Lucan Nathan, Michigan State University "Adaptive management of Lake Erie grass carp: Implementing control efforts and reducing uncertainties."
04/12 Jessica Warwick, Visiting Asst. Prof., UWGB-Marinette Campus "Temporal and spatial patterns of freshwater invertebrate communities"
{GSO guest]
Lillie Langlis, Penn State University Impacts of shale gas development on songbirds in Pennsylvania forests
                                     Fall Semester 2018  
09/14 Sarah Mittlefehldt, Asst. Professor, Dept. of Earth, Environmental, and Geographical Sciences, Northern Michigan University "Renewable Power and Environmental Politics Since the 1970s"
09/28 Sidney Hemming, Professor and Chair, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University "Toward a 5-Million-Year Record of the Greater Agulhas Current System"

[GSO guest]

Francisco Arriaga, Asst. Prof., Dept of Soil Science, University of Wisconsin - Madison "Soil management in agroecosystems: The picture is not always clear"

[GSO guest]

Lucas Bell-Dereske, Michigan State University "The Role of Microbes in Switchgrass Productivity"
[GSO guest]
Christine Anhalt-Depies, Dept. of Forest and Wildlife Ecology, University of Wisconsin - Madison "Citizen science: A case of collaboration with the public for wildlife monitoring"
12/07 Chris Houghton, Research Scientist, UWGB "A hitchhiker's guide to Lake Michigan Fish Habitats" (or "The importance of when and where to fishes of Lake Michigan")
                                    Spring Semester 2018  
02/02 Mark Norfleet, Asst. Prof. of Mathematics, UWGB Connection Between Geometry and Number Theory
02/16 Julia Noordyk, Coastal Storms Specialist, UW-Sea Grant Great Lakes Water Levels
03/02 Carrie Kissman, Asst. Prof. of Biology and Environmental Science The effects of eutrophication and dredging on NE WI aquatic food webs
03/23 Erick Shambarger, Environmental Sustainability Director, Environmental Collaboration Office (ECO), City of Milwaukee ReFresh Milwaukee-Toward a World-Class-Eco-City
04/06 Dr. Matt McCary, UW-Madison Understanding the impacts of invasive plants on belowground food webs
04/20 Dr. Sarah Collier, Seattle Tilth and UW_Madison Soil Carbon: Implications for Soil Quality, Agricultural Resilience, Land Management, and Climate Change
Spring Semester 2017
February 3 Kirti Yenkie, Post-doctoral researcher, Dept. of   Chemical and Biological Engineering, UW-Madison. Dr Yenkie's presentation is part of the UW-System Women and Science Postdoctoral Seminar Program Separation Networks for Recovery of Bio-Based Chemicals: A Roadmap for Matching Biological and Process Feasibility.
February 17 Mandeep Singh Bakshi, Chemistry Lecturer, Natural & Applied Sciences, UW-Green Bay Dr. Mandeep Singh Bakshi, Chemistry Lecturer, Natural & Applied Sciences, will give a presentation on "Biomineralization of Sustainable Biomaterials: Biological Applications and Nanotoxicity" at this Friday's (Feb 17) NAS seminar. NAS seminars are held in the Environmental Sciences building (ES) room 301, 3:30-4:30 pm and are preceded by a social in ES 317 from 3:00-3:30 pm. Seminars are free and open to the public.
March 3 John Luczaj, Geoscience Professor, Natural and Applied Sciences, UW-Green Bay Aquifer Drawdown and Recovery in the Northeast Groundwater Mgmt Area, Wisconsin: A century of Groundwater Use
March24 Marc Anderson, Former Professor and Chair Environmental Chemistry and Technology Program, UW-Madison Director of Energy Storage Division, Imdea Energia, Madrid, Spain Building a Better Environment by Doing Things Porely
April7 Toni Glymph-Martin
Senior Environmental Microbiologist
Wastewater Treatment: A Positive Role of Bacteria, Protozoa, and Metazoa.
Recommended reading prior to seminar: Glymph Martin recommended reading.pdf
April 21
Earth Week
Bill Tracey, Professor of Agronomy, UW Madison, Cliff Bar and Organic Valley Endowed Chair in Plant Breeding for Organic
The Creative Power of Plant Breeding and Applications Toward Sustainability
Fall Semester 2016
September 16 Brian Welsch, Assistant Professor, Physics, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay Understanding the Dynamics of Solar Eruptions
September 30 Tom Sigmund, Director, NEW Water R2E2: Transforming a Utility
October 14 Patrick McNamara, Assistant Professor, Civil, Construction & Environmental Engineering, Marquette University Antimicrobial chemicals from consumer products impact antibiotic resistance in environmental treatment systems
October 28 Anne Pringle, Associate Professor, Department of Botany, University of Wisconsin Madison Reverse ecology: Using genomes to understand the natural histories of cryptic organisms.
November 11 Mike Parsen, Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey Town of Lincoln Groundwater Study: A Selected Hydrogeologic Characterizaton in Kewaunee County, Wisconsin
December 2 Tetyana Malysheva, Assistant Professor, Mathematics, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay Mathematical analysis of deformation and transport in porous media
Spring Semester 2016
February 5 Tucker Burch, Research Agricultural Engineer, Environmentally Integrated Dairy Management Research Unit, USDA-Agricultural Research Service, UWGB Alum
*Room Changed to Environmental Sciences 114*
Assessment of Human Health Risk due to Spray Irrigation of Dairy Manure
February 19 Patrick Robinson, UW Extension Environmental Resources Center, UWGB Alum From Concept to Reality: Developing a Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve in Wisconsin
March 30 Doug Tallamy, University of Delaware Are Introduced Plants "Bad"?
April 8 Dr. Megan J. Olson Hunt, Assistant Professor (Statistics) Statistics Done Wrong
April 22 Steven M. Grenier, Director of Public Works, Green Bay The Changing Face of Development in Green Bay: A Discussion
Fall Semester 2015
September 11 Don Waller: Department of Botany, University of Wisconsin

Drivers of long-term ecological change in temperate forest plant communities

September 25 Antxon Olabe Egana: International Visiting Scholars Program Homo sapiens and Biosphere. Building up hope, redressing the climate-environment crisis
October 9

John Hartig: Refuge Manager, Detroit Riverfront Conservancy

Bringing Conservation to Cities: Lessons from Building the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge.

October 23

Matt Allender: College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Illinois

Another Emerging Fungal Disease: Snake Fungal Disease Threatens Conservation Efforts

November 6 Mike Machesky: Illinois State Water Survey, University of Illinois

Often too much but sometimes too little: Phosphorus and dissolved oxygen in Illinois streams and rivers

November 20 No Seminar  
December 4 Sarah Yang, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Madison

Water Quality in Northeast Wisconsin

Spring Semester 2015
February 6 Naresh Rimal: School of Medical & Applied Sciences, Central Queensland University, Australia

Opportunistic Blending of Grounded Theory and System Thinking in Food Security Inquiry

February 20 Kim Scribner: Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, Michigan State University Long-lived iteroparous species, ecological, demographic and genetic complexity: acquisition, management and analytical challenges associated with big data.
March 6 Troy Runge: Biological Systems Engineering, UW-Madison

Dairy Manure in Wisconsin: Environmental Bane or Energy Boon?

April 3 Jeremy Intemann: Natural & Applied Sciences, UW-Green Bay The Structural Evolution of a Semiconducting Polymer for Organic LEDs and Solar Cells
April 17 Baisakhi Bandyopadhyay The Evolution of Traditional Ecological Knowledge in India
May 1 Patrick Forsythe: Natural & Applied Sciences, UW-Green Bay Reproductive Ecology and Habitat Use of Primitive and Sport Fishes of Green Bay
Fall Semester 2014
September 12 Stephen J.Mullin, Department of Biological Sciences Eastern Illinois University

No place like home anymore: Colubrids coping in modified habitats in the Midwest

September 26 Franklin Chen, Natural & Aplied Sciences, UW-Green Bay Electronic origins of acid-base character
October 10 Mark Holey, Project Leader for the United States Fish and Wildlife Service office in Green Bay Federal management of Great Lakes fish
October 24 David Helpap, Public & Environmental Affairs, U W-Green Bay Brownfield Redevelopment
November 7 Nelson Ham, Geology and Environmental Science, Saint Norbert College Geology of midwestern streams
November 21 Rachel Russell, Public & Environmental Affairs, UW-Green Bay Green space and urban agriculture
Spring Semester 2014
February 7 Nicole Van Helden and Kari Hagenow
The Nature Conservancy
Conservation in the Great Lakes, Green Bay and the Gems of Door County
February 21 Stephen Mullin
Professor of Biological Sciences at Eastern Illinois University
No place like home anymore: Colubrids coping in modified habitats in the Midwest.
March 7 Tammie Paoli
Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources

An overview of fisheries management and surveys in Green Bay and southern Oconto County.

March 28 Kevin Fermanich
Dept. Natural & Applied Sciences; UW-Green Bay

Green Land vs. Green Water: Managing Watershed Vulnerability for a Better Bay

April 11 Ryan Currier
Dept. Natural & Applied Sciences; UW-Green Bay

The Flowering of Magma Bodies in the Crust

April 25 Nguyen Khac-Tiep
United Nations Industrial Development Organization - Energy and Climate Change Branch
Climate Change and Energy: Current Status, Future Scenarios and Impacts Related to United Nations Industrial Development Organization Work.
Fall Semester 2013
September 13 Dajun Wang
School of Life Sciences, Peking University, China, Department of Forest and Wildlife Ecology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Wildlife research in western China: threats and conservation
September 27 Charles Brown
Dept. of Biology, University of Tulsa
The costs and benefits of coloniality in cliff swallows: insights from a 30-year study
October 11 Cancelled  
October 25 Elizabeth Wheat
Assistant Professor, Public and Environmental Affairs, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
It's Not Easy Being Green: Challenges Faced by Litigants in Environmental Cases at the Court of Appeals
November 8 Tracey Holloway
Associate Professor of Environmental Studies, Nelson Institute Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment, University of WI--Madison
Energy options for cleaner air
November 22 Terry Gerlach
Cascades Volcano Observatory, US Geological Survey
Volcanic versus anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions
Spring Semester 2013
Tea: 3:00pm in ES 317 Talk: 3:30 - 4:30pm in ES 328
February 8 Dr. Greg Davis
Dept. Natural & Applied Sciences; UW-Green Bay
Math and Population Dynamics or Hard to Swallow
February 22 Dr. Daniel Lindner
US Forest Service, Northern Research Station Center for Forest Mycology Research
Portrait of a Killer: Tracking the Fungus that is Decimating Bat Populations in Eastern North America
March 8 Dr. Amy Wolf
Dept. Natural & Applied Sciences; UW-Green Bay
A Global Approach to Understanding Forest Dynamics: The Smithsonian Institutions's International Network of Forest Dynamics Plots
April 5 Dr. Carrie Kissman
Dept. Biology; St. Norbert College
How do Species Invasions, Climate Change, and Eutrophication Affect Lake Ecosystems?
April 19 Dr. Stephen Meyer
Dept. Natural & Applied Sciences; UW-Green Bay
How Good are the National Weather Service and The Weather Channel Temperature Forecasts? Enquiring Minds Want to Know
May 3 Dr. Thomas Sauer
USDA-ARS National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment
Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Agriculture
Fall Semester 2012
September 7 Dr. Angela Bauer
Dept. Human Biology; UW-Green Bay
Are there hormones in your drinking water?
September 21 Dr. Brian Wilsey
Dept. of Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology; Iowa State University
Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning differences between native and novel exotic dominated ecosystems: Are we entering the Anthropocene epoch?
October 5 Dr. Heidi Fencl
Dept. Natural & Applied Sciences; UW-Green Bay
The Box and the Boson: Reflections on Teaching Physics Process in an Answers-Oriented World
October 19 Dr. Michael Draney
Dept. Natural & Applied Sciences; UW-Green Bay
What I’m trying to do in Panama
November 2 Dr. Joseph Peterson
Dept. of Geology; UW-Oshkosh
Dinosores - Injury and Behavior in Cretaceous Dinosaurs
November 16 Dr. Christopher Martin
Dept. Humanistic Studies; UW-Green Bay
The Rational Structure of the Order of Things
November 30 Dr. Michael Zorn
Dept. Natural & Applied Sciences; UW-Green Bay
Environmental Sensors for Continuous, In-Situ Water Monitoring in the Great Lakes
Spring Semester 2012
January 27 Dr. Daniel Meinhardt
UW-Green Bay
Shishmaref, Alaska: On the front line of global climate change
February 10 Dr. David Dolan
UW-Green Bay
Lake Erie: reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated (Again!)
February 24 Dr. Patricia Terry
UW-Green Bay
Sustianability: Lessons from Europe
March 23 Dr. Daniel H. Zitomer
Marquette University
Anaerobic co-digestion for sustainable waste management
April 6 Dr. Stephen Weeks
University of Akron
Patterns of evolutionary transitions between hermaphroditism and dioecy in animals
April 20 Dr. Dallas Blaney
UW-Green Bay
Environmental flows, political dams
May 4 Dr. Steven Dutch
UW-Green Bay
How the West dominated technology, or what I learned from my general ed course
Fall Semester 2011
September 16 Dr. Mathew Dornbush
UW-Green Bay
Colonization and consumer mechanisms promote dominance of the exotic herb garlic mustard in a Wisconsin, USA forest
September 30 Dr. John Luczaj
UW-Green Bay
The geology of Brown County: Challenges of bedrock mapping in a glaciated landscape
October 14 Dr. Robert Howe
UW-Green Bay
Termites, fire, and cane toads: ecology in Australia's Northern Territory
October 28 Dr. John Katers
University of Akron
Life cycle inventory for wood pellet manufacturing in Wisconsin
November 11 Dr. Alma Rodriquez-Estrada
UW-Green Bay
Genes up, genes down, attack!
December 2 Dr. Jorge Estevez
UW-Green Bay
Removing a carcinogen from groundwater: the alkaline reaction pathway for chloroform decomposition in solution