Descriptions & Awards

Lee and Kathy Anderson Endowed Scholarship for Engineering Technology

Discipline: Engineering Technology | Student: Continuing

Description: Lee and Kathy Anderson are proud and excited to support the new Engineering Technology program at UW-Green Bay through this endowed scholarship established in 2014. Lee is the co-owner of Recycled Plastics Industries (RPI) in Green Bay, which uses recycled plastics to manufacture plastic lumber. He also owns a consulting business. Kathy retired from a long career at Schneider National in Green Bay. Together, Lee and Kathy may be seen among the avid fans at UWGB basketball games, or volunteering at the NEW Zoo. This scholarship endowment adds to their lengthy and widespread history of volunteerism and philanthropy in the Green Bay community. Lee and Kathy say, "To be successful in life, one must be influenced by a number of talented people. We are products of that influence. Although the term 'pay it forward' is used often, it still is a good term to use. The only way to thank those who have helped us is to help someone else." Apply

Scholarship Awardees
  • Michael Jensen, 2020
  • Lily Howe, 2018, 2019
  • James Vasquez, 2017, 2016
  • Gabriel Michaels, 2015

BPM Inc.

Discipline: Engineering Technology | Student: Continuing

Description: BPM Inc. is a specialty paper mill based in Peshtigo, Wisconsin. The company specializes in the production of machine glazed and converted papers for the food and packaging industries as well as recycled fine paper for the printing industry. The organization strives to excel in niche paper markets by continually investing in employees’ knowledge and exploring new market opportunities to ensure the company’s vitality along with employee involvement with rewarding experiences. The mill is committed to supporting local communities and neighborhoods through ongoing event sponsorships, educational support, donations, chamber memberships and regional manufacturing involvement. In addition, BPM established this scholarship as an investment in the community and future workforce. This scholarship is designed to benefit students pursuing a degree in Engineering Technology. Apply

Scholarship Awardees
  • Kyle Stoll, 2020
  • Samuel Holzmann, 2019
  • Andrew Stoegbauer, 2018
  • Phillip Vogels, 2017

Brown County Waste Transformation Team Scholarship

Discipline: Natural and Applied Sciences; Engineering Technology | Student: Continuing

Description: The Brown County Waste Transformation Team, in partnership with the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation, embarked on a project to provide businesses, especially those involved with industry, manufacturing, and agri-business, with the tools to create more environmentally sustainable practices and better address environmental issues. Following successful completion of their project, the Team established a scholarship at the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation in 2014 to support bright and talented young citizens who are enrolled at UW-Green Bay and are pursuing careers related to industrial/manufacturing environmental issues as well as production agriculture environmental issues. Apply

Scholarship Awardees
  • Rachel Malcore, 2019, 2020
  • Emily Drown, 2018
  • Haley Lucas, 2017, 2016
  • Kristine Berry, 2015

James Casperson Memorial Scholarship

Discipline: Environmental Sciences | Student: Continuing

Description: Harvey and Dorothy Casperson established this scholarship in 1979 in memory of their son, James Casperson, a former UW-Green Bay student. The scholarship benefits upper division students with a declared major in the environmental science discipline. Apply

Scholarship Awardees
  • Patrick Brodhagen, 2020
  • Madeline McKeefry, 2019
  • Angela Grimm, 2018
  • Emily Vandersteen, 2017
  • Jeremiah Shrovnal, 2016
  • Michael Pietraszek, 2015
  • Marina Hauer, 2014

Bradford L. Cook Memorial Scholarship

Discipline: Environmental Science or Biology | Student: Continuing

Description: Established by Dr. and Mrs. Robert Cook in 1993 in memory of their late son, Brad, this scholarship is available to upper division students who have declared a major in environmental science or biology. Dr. Robert Cook is a retired UW-Green Bay faculty member. Apply

Scholarship Awardees
  • Sierra Schug, 2020
  • Ashley Brechlin, 2019
  • Maria Otto, 2018
  • Heather Lutzow, 2017
  • Touhue Yang, 2016
  • Roberta Reif, 2015

Barbara and Benjamin Cruz-Uribe Family Endowed Scholarship (NEW)

Discipline: Environmental Science | Student: Continuing

Description:  When Ben Cruz-Uribe was a student at the University of Wisconsin, he was aided financially by donors that enabled him to complete his first degree in 1973. At that time he earned a B.A. with a Concentration in Ecosystem Analysis, an Option in Mathematics, a minor in Spanish and a Collateral in Secondary Education. His second graduation was in 1979 with an M.E.A.S. in Environmental Mathematical and Statistical Modelling. From 1981 through 1984, he was an Ad-Hoc Professor of Statistics. He served on the Alumni Board of Directors from 1988 through 1995. After retiring from his corporate position in 2006, he returned to the University as a Statistics tutor for the Athletic Department from 2006 to 2010. In 2010, he became an Adjunct Professor of Statistics until his retirement in 2017. He also taught in the Life Long Learning Institute since 2005. His association with the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay spanned 47 years as a student, professor, and volunteer.

Two weeks after graduation in 1973, Barbara and Benjamin were married. In 1999, their daughter, Lara, graduated from UWGB. During the late 1990’s, their son, Justin, worked on several research projects at UWGB.

In recognition for all that the university has given to their family, Barb and Ben Cruz-Uribe have created an endowed scholarship to aid students in the study and research of environmental issues, especially those that are directly and indirectly affected by global warming/climate change. The purpose of this scholarship is to continue to aid students to help achieve that goal.  Apply

Scholarship Awardees (New for 2017/2018)
  • Miranda Esser, 2020
  • Emma Gilbertson, 2019
  • Lexi Prasnicky, 2018

Carol R. De Groot Scholarship

Discipline: Environmental Science | Student: New or Continuing

Description: Established in 2009 by UW-Green Bay graduate and instructor Carol R. De Groot, this scholarship provides financial assistance to UW-Green Bay students interested in environmental studies. Apply

Scholarship Awardees
  • Alicia Krause, 2020
  • Patrick Brodhagen, 2018, 2019
  • Angela Grimm, 2017
  • Maria Otto, 2017
  • Elisabeth Hidde, 2016
  • Kenzie Ostien, 2016
  • Shannon Mackey, 2015
  • Christa Kanenen, 2014

Dykema Family Endowed Scholarship

Discipline: Engineering Technology | Student: New or Continuing

Description: John and Lisa, graduates of Northwestern University and the University of Pennsylvania, established this endowed scholarship at UW-Green Bay in 2014 to support students in the new Engineering Technology program. The Dykemas own several companies that manufacture packaging machinery in De Pere, Wisconsin, Barcelona, Spain, and Butzbach, Germany. They additionally serve on various Boards in the Green Bay area. Apply

Scholarship Awardees
  • Benjamin Denk, 2020
  • Aaron Splan, 2018, 2019
  • Eric Short, 2017, 2016

Faith Technologies, Inc. Annual Scholarship for Engineering Technology

Discipline: Engineering Technology | Student: Continuing

Description: Faith Technologies, Inc. is an electrical and specialty contractor based in Menasha, Wisconsin. The organization strives to out-perform anyone else in the market by continually investing in their employees' skill sets and providing all-inclusive services that make project work easier and more rewarding. The organization also "gives where we live - and we always will." Faith Technologies is committed to supporting the well-being of our local neighborhoods through ongoing event sponsorships, fundraising, and donations. Fittingly, Faith Technologies established this annual scholarship in 2014 as an investment in the community and the future workforce. This scholarship will benefit students pursuing a degree in Engineering Technology. Apply

Scholarship Awardees
  • No award in 2020
  • Kendrick von Lignan, 2019
  • Travis Nickel, 2018
  • Luke Draheim, 2017
  • Amy Deringer, 2016
  • Samuel Frisbie, 2015


Discipline: Engineering Technology | Student: New or Continuing

Description: FEECO International, Inc. was founded in 1951 as an engineering and equipment manufacturer. Today, with over 60 years of experience, FEECO’s expertise has been sought by everyone from startups to Fortune 100 companies. FEECO is recognized globally as an expert in providing industry leading process design, engineering and manufacturing to a variety of industries including: fertilizer and agriculture, mining and minerals, power / utility, paper, chemical processing, and more. Apply

Scholarship Awardees
  • Wade Druar, 2020
  • Maria Yang, 2019
  • Andrew Stoegbauer, 2018
  • Dessiray Koss, 2017
  • Spencer Sebo, 2016

Susan Finco and Ed Kralovec Endowed Scholarship

Discipline: Engineering Technology | Student: Transfer or Continuing

Description: Committed to promoting education and giving back to their community, Susan Finco and Edward Kralovec established this endowed scholarship in 2013. Susan is the owner and president of Leonard & Finco Public Relations, Inc. in Green Bay and has supported UW-Green Bay through her service on the Chancellor's Council of Trustees and by frequently providing her marketing and branding expertise for campus initiatives. Ed is an electrical engineering instructor at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, and together Ed and Susan volunteer their time with numerous organizations throughout Green Bay. Apply

Scholarship Awardees
  • Griffin Magee, 2019, 2020
  • Evan Lund, 2018
  • Andrew Stoegbauer, 2017
  • Dessiray Koss, 2016
  • Christi Branham, 2015

Beth and Richard Gochnauer Endowed Scholarship for Engineering Technology

Discipline: Engineering Technology | Student: Continuing

Description: Beth Gochnauer was a member of UW-Green Bay's Board of Visitors, a forerunner to today's Council of Trustees, from 1974 through 1982. She and her husband then left the area to pursue career opportunities that took them to Milwaukee, Arizona and California before returning to the Midwest. Beth Gochnauer is chairperson of the Gochnauer Family Foundation. Among her philanthropic interests are education, the Children's Home and Aid Society of Chicago, and micro-lending as a way to foster development in impoverished nations and regions. She is a graduate of the Northwestern University college of arts and sciences. She joined the Board of Directors of the UW-Green Bay Foundation in 2011. Apply

Scholarship Awardees
  • Pa Yeng Yang, 2020
  • Billie Komorowski, 2019, 2020
  • Mina Anderberg, 2018, 2019
  • Billie Komorowski, 2018
  • David Maruszczak, 2017, 2016

Katie Hemauer Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Discipline: Natural and Applied Sciences | Student: Continuing

Description: Katie Hemauer was a 2004 graduate of UW-Green Bay, majoring in Environmental Science (Ecology emphasis). Katie transferred to UW-Green Bay after completing two years at UW-Fox Valley. Once she arrived on the UW-Green Bay campus, Katie accomplished many extraordinary things. Professor Steve Meyer says, "In my time as a faculty member, both at the University of Nebraska and UWGB, Katie still stands out as the best student I have ever known. She was, in fact, the most complete student I have ever come across."

Katie was an outstanding academician, and not just because she had a 4.0 grade point average. Katie had this drive to thoroughly understand the subject material in every class she took. Her understanding of the material was so complete, that Professor Meyer says he would always grade her exam first to make sure his answer key contained everything it should. Not only was her comprehension of subject material outstanding, her participation in classroom discussion was fantastic - plus, she had this knack of drawing participation out of the entire class.

Katie had a tremendous curiosity about the natural world around her, making her a wonderful researcher/scholar. Katie wanted to know how and why the environment worked the way it did. Katie once met with Professor Meyer during office hours and informed him she wanted to learn about soil temperatures. As a result, he worked with her on a proposal she submitted to the Cofrin Center for Biodiversity's Student Research Grant Program. Professor Meyer remembers fondly the Thursday mornings during the Fall 2003 semester when he'd walk with Katie to her research sites in the arboretum to download a week's worth of soil temperature data. "We'd talk about everything, anything, and nothing - I loved those Thursdays," Professor Meyer says. Upon presenting her research results, one colleague commented that it was the best research presentation he had ever seen by an undergraduate student.

Katie was dedicated to serving the campus and community. Katie served the UWGB campus as a student ambassador. During one FOCUS Orientation, Katie demonstrated tremendous compassion for an incoming freshman who was overcome with severe homesickness. If it were not for Katie sitting down and consoling this student for a lengthy period of time, there is little doubt that student would have packed up and left for home that afternoon. It turned out that student not only stayed, but also completed their degree with a 4.0 grade point average and later received a substantial scholarship to pursue their doctoral degree. Today, that student is a very successful, well-known professional in their field. Katie also served the community. Even though she was not married and had no children, Katie served as a Brownie Troop leader. The Brown Troop's activities were decidedly biased toward science projects, a fact for which she unabashedly did not apologize.

The UWGB Faculty couldn't wait to see to which graduate programs Katie would apply. She would be a rock star, the poster child for the outstanding education and opportunities available through UW-Green Bay. But Katie had always mentioned that her goal in life was to get married and start a family. While this decision surprised many faculty members, she was supported with those dreams for her future. Knowing how she loved teaching her Brownie Troop about the natural world, it was certain that Katie's children would grow up with a love of the outdoors, learning all about the forests, prairies, streams, lakes, and wildlife. She would be the perfect mother and her children would be some of the luckiest kids in the world.

We will never know, however, because on the night on November 25, 2005, Katie was taken from us, killed by a drunk driver. She hadn't even reached the prime of her life, her best years were yet to come. She had so much potential, so much to offer, and so much to give. Professor Meyer says, "I know better than to question God's intentions, motives, and actions. I can only trust that He had bigger plans for Katie." He established this scholarship in her memory in 2014 to support future generations of students who share Katie's curiosity of the natural environment and commitment to the campus and community. Apply

Scholarship Awardees
  • Ashlyn Schnell, 2020
  • Lexi Prasnicky, 2019
  • Stephanie Hermans, 2018
  • Morgan Geary, 2017
  • Angela Smet, 2016

Alfred O. and Phyllis E. Holz Scholarship

Discipline: Environmental Science | Student: Continuing

Description: The Alfred O. and Phyllis E. Holz Scholarship was established in 2008 through a bequest gift to support students majoring in Environmental Science. Phyllis was a 1932 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and served as a business education teacher at a number of Wisconsin high schools. Phyllis passed away on October 31, 2007. Alfred was a lecturer at UW-Green Bay in the early-1970s. A photographer and graphic artist by trade, he had worked to develop a course in audio-visual techniques relating to environmental interpretation. Alfred was teaching this course at UWGB when he died in March 1976. Apply

Scholarship Awardees
  • Emma Gilbertson, 2020
  • Norah Swenson, 2020
  • Laura Fehling, 2019
  • Bennett Lippert, 2019
  • Madeline McKeefry, 2018, 2017
  • Andrew Sackett, 2018, 2017
  • Krystal Clark, 2016, 2015
  • Matthew Malcore, 2016, 2015
  • Corinne Grossmeier, 2014
  • Amber Konrad, 2014

Herbert Fisk Johnson Endowed Scholarships for Excellence

Discipline: Natural and Applied Sciences | Student: Continuing

Description: This scholarship is intended to recognize student excellence and achievement, with priority consideration given to students who are involved in projects or studies carried out in cooperation with a community organization, business, or government agency.  Excellence in other academic activities will also be considered, including involvement in projects demonstrating interdisciplinary problem solving, and projects focusing on issues of diversity. Apply

Scholarship Awardees
  • Tyler Dvorachek, 2020
  • Carly Flunker, 2020
  • Kyle Hansen, 2020
  • Brandon Byrne, 2019
  • Sarah Gundrum, 2019
  • Kenzie Ostien, 2019
  • Sierra Schug, 2019
  • Sarah Gundrum, 2018
  • Kenzie Ostien, 2018
  • Jake Taylor, 2018
  • Cody Becker, 2017
  • Stephanie Hermans, 2107, 2016
  • Allison LeMahieu, 2017, 2016
  • Jeremiah Shrovnal, 2017
  • Ashley Morin, 2016, 2015
  • Angela Smet, 2016, 2015
  • Molly Dederich, 2015
  • Christa Kananen, 2015

Moose Lodge Rod and Gun Club Scholarship

Discipline: Natural and Applied Sciences | Student: Continuing

Description: Established in 2003, this scholarship will provide financial assistance to students in the Natural and Applied Sciences area who have an interest in water quality, soil conservation or wildlife. This annual scholarship is funded through the generosity of the Moose Lodge Rod and Gun Club of Green Bay. Apply

Scholarship Awardees
  • Grace Pechman, 2020
  • No award in 2019
  • Amy Deringer, 2018
  • James Salscheider, 2017
  • Emily Vandersteen, 2016
  • Jessica Finger, 2015

Morgan/Macaluso Family Endowed Scholarship in Natural Sciences

Discipline: Natural Sciences | Student: Continuing

Description: Mike and Gloria Morgan established this scholarship in 2012 in memory of their parents—Lewis and Ruth Morgan, George and Helen Macaluso—who strongly supported their undergraduate education. Gloria particularly wishes to remember her father, George, who had to leave school to help support his mother and sisters. Nevertheless, he remained an active adult learner throughout his 95 years. Dr. Morgan was a founding member of the Biology and Environmental Science programs in which he taught for 37 years. Gloria Morgan founded and taught a preschool program for 24 years. The scholarship is awarded to full-time students who are majoring in one of the natural sciences, with preference given to botany, ecology or field biology students who are of at least junior status at the time of application. Student must have an internship, field station or other proven field experience initiatives tied to botany, field ecology or closely related fields. Preference will be given to students who have a proven record of volunteering for the betterment of mankind. Apply

Scholarship Awardees
  • Claire Stuart, 2020
  • Angela Grimm, 2019
  • Stephanie Hermans, 2018
  • Gabriella Buhler, 2017
  • Sahara Tanner, 2016
  • Ashley Morin, 2015
  • Linda Vang, 2014

Chad Moritz and Beth Meyerand Annual Scholarship

Discipline: Natural Sciences | Student: Continuing

Description: Chad Moritz, class of 1977, and Beth Meyerand established this scholarship in 2014 to support 1st generation college students pursuing a degree in the natural sciences. Chad is a retired Associate Researcher from the UW-Madison Radiology Department, and Beth is a Professor and Chair of Biomedical Engineering at UW-Madison. Apply

Scholarship Awardees
  • BethaLynn Bontrager, 2020
  • Becky Berry, 2019
  • James Salscheider, 2018, 2017
  • Cody Becker, 2016
  • Jeremiah Shrovnal, 2015

Ganga and Elizabeth Nair Endowed Scholarship for Natural Sciences

Discipline: Natural and Applied Sciences | Student: Continuing

Description: Elizabeth Nair established this scholarship in 2010 in memory of her husband, Prof. Ganga Nair. Prof. Nair, a founding faculty member of UW-Green Bay, taught Plant-Forest Pathology, Mycology and Conservation of Natural Resources on a global level for 40 years. He was a world traveler, world-renowned scientist and world class advocate for forest preservation. The scholarship is awarded to full time students who are majoring in one of the natural sciences and demonstrate a strong commitment to conservation. Preference is given to students with interest in Plant- and Forest Pathology or in Mycology. The applicants should be undergraduates with junior or senior standing and have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.3. Apply

Scholarship Awardees
  • Jessica Kessler, 2020
  • Rebecca Malcore, 2018, 2019
  • Morgan Geary, 2017
  • Joshua Moyer, 2016
  • Jordan Marty, 2015
  • Kari Matuszak, 2014

Northeast Wisconsin Engineering Scholarship

Discipline: Pre-Engineering | Student: New or Continuing

Description: Frederick and Patricia Baer established this scholarship in 1987. Mr. Baer, who passed away in 2006, served as the president of Paper Converting Machine Company, Green Bay. Mrs. Baer remains a special friend of the University. L.G. Wood Hall, an academic building on campus, is named after Mrs. Baer’s father who played a key role in bringing the University to Northeastern Wisconsin. The scholarship is awarded to full-time, first- and second-year students who are registered in the pre-engineering program, meet specific course requirements and are in excellent academic standing. Apply

Scholarship Awardees
  • Michael McGuire, 2020
  • Allyssa Rueth, 2020
  • Sarah Klemp, 2019
  • Denny Christoff, 2019
  • Evan Lund, 2018
  • Adiar Pech, 2018
  • Brianna Messner, 2018, 2017
  • Jason Schampers, 2017
  • Benjamin Stratman, 2017, 2016
  • Matthew Nichols, 2016, 2015
  • Reed Heintzkill, 2015
  • Tiffany Marshall, 2014

Northeast Wisconsin Manufacturing Alliance Future All Stars Annual Scholarship

Discipline: Engineering Technology | Student: Continuing

Description: The Northeast Wisconsin (NEW) Manufacturing Alliance is a group of manufacturers, working with educational institutions, workforce development boards, chambers of commerce and state organizations to promote manufacturing in our Northeast Wisconsin region. The group has been strong advocates for the collaborative Engineering Technology program that was developed by regional colleges and institutions and by leaders of regional businesses, including those within the Northeast Wisconsin Manufacturing Alliance. The group also feels strongly in the need to invest in the program by providing scholarships to high achieving students, or "Future All Stars" who are majoring in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering Technology. Apply

Scholarship Awardees
  • Adam Jensen, 2020
  • Elizabeth Heinen, 2019
  • Elliott Seiler, 2019
  • Isaiah Stonebraker, 2019
  • Adam Jensen, 2019
  • Bennett Hutson, 2019
  • Zachary Olson, 2019
  • Lucas Brackett, 2018
  • Spencer Compton, 2017
  • Dessiray Koss, 2016
  • James Vasquez, 2016

Science and Math Scholarship

Discipline: Natural and Applied Sciences | Student: Continuing

Description: This scholarship was created by, and is sustained by, faculty members of the Natural and Applied Sciences area of the UW-Green Bay. Apply

Scholarship Awardees
  • Caleb Torres, 2020
  • Lillian Foxcroft, 2018, 2019
  • Sara Eastman, 2017
  • Brianna Messner, 2016
  • Michael Xie, 2015
  • Scott Bartholomew, 2014

Nancy Sell Memorial Scholarship

Discipline: Pre-Engineering, Chemistry or Physics | Student: Continuing

Description: This scholarship was established in 1982 by Nancy Sell, who served as professor in natural and applied sciences at UW-Green Bay. Ms. Sell passed away in 1996. The scholarship is awarded to undergraduate students at UW-Green Bay who are in high academic standing, and who have declared a major in pre-engineering, or a major or minor in chemistry or physics. Apply

Scholarship Awardees
  • Anna Liu, 2020
  • Kristin Rauch, 2019
  • Mackenzie Johnson, 2018, 2019
  • SoJeong Lee, 2018
  • Faith Lindemann, 2017, 2016
  • Adam Sturdivant, 2017
  • Samuel Mantel, 2016
  • Caroline Nakanwagi, 2015
  • Amanda Nothem, 2015, 2014

Superior Diesel Endowed Scholarship for Engineering Technology

Discipline: Engineering Technology | Student: Continuing

Description: Superior Diesel, a leading value-added distributor of John Deere Diesel engines and Funk Drivetrain components, established this endowed scholarship in 2014 for students in the new Engineering Technology program. Apply

Scholarship Awardees
  • Bailey Crary, 2020
  • Adiar Pech, 2018, 2019
  • Eric Short, 2017, 201


Discipline: Engineering 

Description:  HATCO Corp. is built on a tradition of excellence.  From the corporate office in Milwaukee to the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sturgeon Bay, WI, there is a pride in the employees and their workmanship that is reflected in every project.  HATCO is committed to supporting local communities and neighborhoods through ongoing event sponsorships, educational support, donations, and regional manufacturing involvement.  HATCO established this scholarship as an investment in the community and future workforce.  This scholarship is designed to benefit students pursuing a degree in Engineering. Apply 

Scholarship Awardees
  • Wade Druar, 2020
  • Elliott Seiler, 2020
  • Matthew Hecht, 2019
  • Charles Warren, 2019