Official Colors

Primary Colors

The official school colors of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay are Phoenix Green PMS 343 and white. As a design element, UW-Green Bay’s Phoenix Green communicates our brand. In an age of media bombardment of the senses, school colors only grow more important as powerful cues to institutional identity.

In many UW-Green Bay institutional publications and department-level pieces, Phoenix Green, as the darkest color in the palette, will be the preferred color for logo or highlighted use to communicate a sense of coherence and organization.

Note: In printing, when a material or process being used will change the intended results, PMS 342 green may be considered an option to achieve Phoenix Green. Whenever imprinting on fabric, tinted surfaces or other materials, it is enough to remember that the desired effect should be PMS 343.

Phoenix Green
PMS 343
Process 95C, 15M, 62Y, 58K
Process 0C, 0M, 0Y, 0K

Secondary Colors

For flexibility and a brightening of the overall palette of a piece, it is advised to use the secondary colors for large fields of color.

PMS 369
Process 67C, 0M, 98Y, 5K
60% Black
Process 0C, 0M, 0Y, 60K
Process 0C, 0M, 0Y, 100K

Accent Colors

Attractive colors from a wider accent color palette are available to encourage a lively palette as support for collateral and web accents.

PMS 367
Process 37C, 0M, 58Y, 0K
PMS 565
Process 32C, 0M, 14Y, 0K
PMS Cool Gray 2C
Process 5C, 3M, 4Y, 8K
PMS 716
Process 0C, 55M, 90Y, 0K

Approved Logo Color Treatment

The official University marks should appear in Phoenix Green, black or white, if possible. When a designer is limited to the use of one or two colors, reversed out white from a solid color is the preference.

Phoenix Green

Phoenix Green UW-Green Bay Logo


Black UW-Green Bay Logo


White UW-Green Bay Logo

Website Support

For screen media, the same color usage rules apply as for print, however, the colors are slightly different. Please refer to the Website Support page for the official web color palette and HTML color codes.