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Officers & Committees of LLI

The Lifelong Learning Institute program is sponsored by UW-Green Bay's Division of Continuing Education and Community Engagement and is administered by a volunteer Board of Directors composed of 4 elected officers and 3 elected members-at-large, plus the chairs of the five committees listed below. An archive of meeting minutes is available. 

Meeting Minutes


Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) officers are elected annually in spring to begin serving their term on July 1. The 2021-2022 officers are:

  • President: Julia Wallace
  • Vice President: Norm Schroeder
  • Secretary: Kay Pascoe
  • Treasurer: Kris Lewins

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversee LLI and interface with UW-Green Bay staff. Board meetings are held the fourth Monday of the month. Start time and format vary.

  • President & Chair: Julia Wallace
  • Vice President: Norm Schroeder
  • Secretary: Kay Pascoe
  • Treasurer: Kris Lewins
  • Social Committee Chair: Karen Carvenough
  • Publicity & Promotions Committee: Mary Cook
  • Curriculum Committee Co-chairs: Steve Lenz & Sue Pike
  • Technology Co-chairs: Dean Cherry & Gary Hanna
  • Member-at-Large: Sue Jonson
  • Member-at-Large: Theresa Charapata
  • Member-at-Large: Sandy Ewald
  • President Ex Oficio: Fred Delie


  • Theresa Charapata
  • Sandy Ewald
  • Sue Johnson

All LLI members are welcome to attend committee meetings. If you are new to attending a committee meeting, please call the LLI office at 920-465-2356, so that we can confirm the time and venue remain unchanged.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee develops and oversees budget and all financial matters. Meetings are held the third Monday of the month. Start time and format varies.

  • Chair: Kristin Lewins
  • Rick Nuetzel
  • Rich Aicher
  • Kathy Nielsen
  • Nancy McGrew
  • Glen Van Gheem
  • Mary Grovogel
  • Bob Srenaski

Curriculum Committees

The Curriculum Committees find presenters, develops and schedules courses. Meetings are held the first Monday. Start time and format vary.

Green Bay

  • Chair: Steve Lenz & Susan Pike
  • Coordinator Lead: Pati Wiegand
  • Katie Brewer
  • Gary Dallman
  • Karen Dallman
  • Patti Glendenning
  • Jim Hinckley
  • Sue Johnson
  • Steve Lenz
  • Mike DeGrand
  • Ellen Framness
  • Karen Lacey
  • Norm Schroeder


  • Co-chairs: Jean Rausch & Liz Koehler
  • Ellen Framness
  • Faye Malek
  • Jean Rausch
  • Jeanne Pfeiffer
  • Jane Hertl
  • Sue Johnson
  • Liz Koehler


  • Chair: Steve Lenz & Sue Pike
  • Sue Keer
  • Eileen Beyer
  • Diane Shepard
  • Linda Berry
  • Val Mellon
  • Kathy Denby

Promotions & Publicity Committee

The Publicity & Promotions Committee promotes LLI with marketing initiatives and at community events such as Artstreet and Intro to LLI. Meetings are held the second Monday of the month. Start time and format vary.

  • Chair: Mary Cook
  • Ellen Framness
  • Kathlyn Mertz
  • Mike Murphy
  • Keith Pamperin
  • Kay Pascoe
  • Ed Smith

Social Committee

The Social Committee organizes social and special events, including the Annual Meeting, Fall Kick Off and Holiday Social. Meetings are held as needed. Start time and format vary.

  • Chair: Karen Carvenough
  • Linda Alexander
  • Marty Berry
  • Gloria Gaie
  • Shirley Garthwaite
  • Margaret Guzek
  • Cindy Johnson
  • Judy L'Empereur

Technology Committee

The Technology committee oversees the technology that is used by LLI presenters and offers recommendations for improvement as needed. Meetings are held as needed. Start time and format vary.

  • Co-chairs: Dean Cherry & Gary Hanna

Former LLI Presidents

Former Presidents Years Served
Fred Delie 2021-2022
Wes Carvenough 2018-2020
Nancy McGrew 2016-2018
Frank Moon 2014-2016
Robert Cook 2012-2014
Joyce Dirschl 2010-2012
Janice McCarthy 2008-2010