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Meet the Staff

The Learning Center Manager

Brianna Hyslop, PhD

Office: CL 204G
Phone: (920) 465-2710

Academic Coaches

Kristin Espinar
Kristin Espinar is an Academic Success Coach with a background in ESL Instruction and a special focus on official exam preparation and academic English development for international students.  She has a master's degree in Applied Linguistics and has spent many years working with international students at the higher education level.  Kristin spent several years abroad, living both in Russia and in Spain, and speaks Spanish as a second language.  In her free-time Kristin loves traveling and hiking with her family and podcasting.

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Sam Lee
Sam Lee has been in education for the past 9 years as a teacher, instructional coach, and administrator. Sam has worked with a variety of students that include ELL and first-generation students. While working in secondary education, Sam’s goal was to help students get to college or the workforce. As an academic coach, he will strive to help students get through college.  Sam spends his free time watching movies and playing board games with his family.

Office: Working Remote
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Receptionists/Front Desk

Maria Iwen
 Hello, my name is Maria Iwen and I am a Sophomore here are UWGB. I am from Algoma WI, which is about half an hour away from here. As of now, my plan is to major in nursing and minor in psychology. After my schooling is over, I hope to become a traveling nurse! In addition to being one of the front desk workers in the Learning Center, I am also a tutor for some biology classes! A few things I like to do on my free time are travel, hike, shop, and watch Netflix! 
Alan Malcore
Hello, my name is Alan Malcore and I'm a sophomore at uwgb. I havn't declared a major, but I'm leaning towards marketing or finance. I am from Door County Wisconsin which is about 40 minutes from campus. I really enjoy living in Door County because of the easy access to the water and all of the activities that brings. Undefeated at Mario Kart. Most prolific intermural athlete on c campus. When I am not doing school work I enjoy the outdoors, watching Netflix, and working out. I also tutor a couple business classes and Intro to Envi Sci. Come see me at The Learning Center!
Cher Whiting

Academic Mentors

Lauren Bushmaker
Hello! My name is Lauren Bushmaker. I am from the Green Bay Area.  I am majoring in education and minoring in mathematics. I wish to teach a fourth or fifth grade classroom. I am a cashier at Goodwill. I like to hang out with friends, read, run and play tennis. I will be tutoring in math courses. I’m excited to help.
Hannah Badillo-Beyer
Hello! My name is Hannah Badillo-Beyer, and I am a sophomore at UWGB. I am from Green Bay. I am majoring in Nursing and minoring in Spanish. I like traveling and spending time with family and friends. I enjoy doing things outdoors.
Aidan Dunbar
Hi! My name is Aidan, and I am currently a Sophomore at UWGB. I am majoring in Mathematics with aspirations to attend graduate school after receiving my bachelor’s degree. Outside of the math discipline, I also enjoy reading philosophy, watching movies, and playing/listening to music. I really love helping others with math, so if you ever feel like you're struggling, please feel free to reach out anytime!
Zea Miller

Hello! My name is Zea Miller and I am currently a sophomore at UWGB. I am majoring in Environmental Policy and Planning (with an emphasis in Policy) and Political Science and minoring in Global Studies! Some of my interests include reading, writing, watching TV, and spending time with my friends. This year I will be tutoring a few intro-level political science courses as well as working as an RA for Housing and Residential Education. I love helping others, so I’m excited for this semester to begin! 

Matthew Mitchell

Hello! My name is Matthew Mitchell and I’m a junior at UWGB. I’m from Appleton, Wisconsin, which is about 40 minutes away from Green Bay. I’m majoring in Psychology (with a Brain, Behavior, and Health emphasis) and minoring in Human Biology; I’m really hoping to get into pharmacology or general psychology research as a professional career in the future. Some of my hobbies include film making, playing video games, and watching/playing football, baseball, golf, and volleyball. I’m excited to help you out with Human Biology! It might seem like a very intimidating subject, but there are many different strategies that can help you learn and understand the material so you can succeed!

Casey Patterson
Hello! I am Casey Patterson, this is currently my third year attending UWGB for Computer Science. Prior to enrolling here I was in the Navy for six years. In the Navy I worked in the nuclear power plant onboard the USS Texas, where I primarily dealt with chemistry and radiological controls. It was through this role that I gained my first experiences in helping others with training. I will be providing tutoring for Computer Science courses, I look forward to working with you!
DiemTuyen Phan
Hi! My name is DiemTuyen Phan and I am from Vietnam :). I'm a sophomore. My major is Chemistry and minor is Human Biology. I plan to apply for Pharmacy college after graduation. I'd love to help you in Math courses.
Brooke Schuler

Hello! My name is Brooke and I am a junior. My plans are to graduate with a degree in Biology, with an emphasis in Ecology and Conservation. I just completed my Associates degree from the UWGB Manitowoc Campus and am excited to start on my Bachelor's degree up here. I will primarily be helping with the sciences, including general chemistry. I look forward to working with you! 😊