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Our Services

Workforce Productivity Services 
  • Description: Providing a technology-enabled working environment that ensures employees have a secure, reliable and appropriate access to the tools required to perform their duties.
  • Value: Increase employee productivity and reduce worker downtime. 

Business Productivity Services 
  • Description: Providing consultation and expertise in optimizing technology use for new initiatives and current business process improvement. Management of a secure, relevant, and accessible portfolio of applications.
  • Value: Improve workflow processes, streamline technology usage, and reduce cost, vulnerabilities, and risk.

Solution Execution Services
  • Description: Providing IT project management support to fully execute and rollout technology solutions in a timely manner. 
  • Value: Reduce duplication and cost, implement solutions faster, and improve supportability. 

Classroom Technology Support Services 
  • Description: Providing classroom technologies in support of student learning and teaching. 
  • Value: Increase level of reliability and improve learning environment.  

Data Support Services
  • Description: Providing leadership and responsibility for the governing of university data and information assets to ensure the availability of data for decisions making.
  • Value: Reduce duplication of data, improve data integration and reporting. 

Technology Procurement Services
  • Description: Researching and acquiring IT-related hardware and software for academic programs, business units, faculty, and staff. Management and ownership of IT asset compliance.
  • Value: Reduce cost and improve compatibility and reliability.