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OIE Staff

Brent Blahnik

Brent Blahnik

Dir, Intl Education
CL 108

(International Scholars, Faculty Relations, Study Abroad, International Students)

Jemma Lund

Jemma Lund

Study Abroad Program Manager
CL 108

(Study Abroad, Faculty-led Programs, Faculty Relations, Advisor)


Kristy Aoki

Kristy Aoki

International Student Services Coordinator
CL 108

(International Students)

Fall 2021 Student Interns


Cecelia Limmex

Year in school: Senior year
Major: Major in Psychology, Minor in Humanities with a World Cultures emphasis
Favorite place to travel: My plans to travel abroad these past few years have been postponed for a later date. Where I have traveled in the United States, my favorite place was Yellowstone National Park.
Advice: Traveling to new places changes how you see the world. Be spontaneous and go exploring!

Sidney Grady

Year in school: Senior
Major: English and History
Favorite place traveled: Athens, Greece
‚ÄčTravel quote: "Arriving at each new city, the traveler finds again a past of his that he did not know he had." - Italo Calvino

Want to intern with us in the future?

Interns will help with study abroad/National Student Exchange promotion (including events, presentations, & advising students), international student orientation & events, general office duties, AND have a chance to earn academic credit by completing a project related to your major!

All students interested are encouraged to contact us at

*Study abroad experience encouraged but not required
*No office experience needed- we will teach you!