An Information Science Major

The Information Science major is focused on the organization of information, in its verbal, visual, mediated and quantitative forms. You will learn about its storage, analysis, evaluation and processing by machines and people. In this major, you will study computer science, mathematics and communication, with emphases available in information technology, data science and game studies.

Information Science Careers

Diverse career opportunities are available in Information Science: advertising, data scientist, game developer, LAN administrator, quality assurance engineer & systems analyst, to name a few.

Get Involved
Information Science students have multiple opportunities to become involved, such as the on-campus Data Security Center, the Google IgniteCS program, and more.

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Variety of Courses
Learn what you're interested in, whether it's software engineering, information security, video game development, mobile app development, data management, or more.

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Endless Career Opportunities
Graduates from the UW-Green Bay Information Science program have been hired at Google, Dynamic Software Inc., Frozen Codebase, Red Hat, and more.

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Train Jam
Information Science students are eligible to participate in Train Jam, a 52-hour train ride from Chicago to the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco.

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Become a Phoenix

UW-Green Bay has excellent teachers, internships, research opportunities, and a great record of placing students into jobs and graduate programs. Learn More

How Do I Get Started?

Information Science at UW-Green Bay

UW-Green Bay's Ben Geisler

Meet Ben Geisler

Ben Geisler is a lecturer for the Information Science degree. He has worked at four video game development studios, contributing to best-selling games for Xbox 360, PS3 and others. Geisler has also been involved with publisher relations at THQ, Activision and others. His past credits include Soldier of Fortune 2, X-Men Legends, Quake 4, The Incredible Hulk, Prey 2 and Prototype, along with publications on game research and practical applications.

Geisler and other faculty members take students through incredible programming opportunities, such as Global Game Jam — a 48-hour game development weekend.

Like the other faculty members in this degree program he is here to help! If you have any questions about Information Science, please contact us!

Meet the other members of our Information Science faculty.

More Than the Basics

Every Information Science student at UW-Green Bay gains the skills and abilities necessary to succeed in the career field. In addition to technology and programming knowledge, students learn problem-solving skills, communication skills and more. Learn more.

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