Student Employment

Student employees must be at least 16 years old and enrolled at an institute for higher education or high school to be eligible for student employment. These positions are part-time, both on and off campus and may be Federal Work Study positions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies to be hired as a student employee?
  • Student employees must be at least 16 years old and enrolled at an institute for higher education or high school to be eligible for student employment.
  • During the academic year, students must be enrolled for at least 1 credit.
How do I hire a student employee?

For questions on the student recruitment process, please see the Student Employment website.  Student employment at UW-Green Bay is overseen by Student Employment located in the Financial Aid Office.
After a student has been selected for a position, Human Resources handles hiring forms and payroll paperwork.
Once you are ready to make an offer of employment to a student, you’ll want to find out if that student is currently employed or has worked on campus before.

  • If YES, contact the HR Coordinator based on your area to find out what paperwork is needed for this position.  To find out which HR Coordinator to contact, please refer to our HR Staff page.
  • If NO, please complete the applicable Student Employment Form.  The University is required by law to verify each new employee's identity and authorization to work in the United States. UW-Green Bay utilizes an electronic I-9 process to meet these verification requirements.  Please reach out to your campus contact to request a Form I-9 for a new hire. 
Can I hire a student who does not attend UW-Green Bay?

Students are employed on a priority basis, with UW-Green Bay students receiving first priority. Before students from other UW schools or students from other institutions are considered, a position must be posted to UW-Green Bay students in PRO for a minimum of two weeks.
Supervisors are responsible for obtaining verification of enrollment (copy of class schedule which includes the student’s name and the institution’s name or a letter for the institution confirming enrollment for a certain date range).

Hiring Priorities:
  • Level 1: UW-Green Bay students, including new, transfer and specials, registered for at least one course in the term they are expected to work or enrolled half-time for the subsequent academic term. Half-time enrollment for the academic term is defined by 6 credits for undergraduate and 5 credits for graduate. 
  • Level 2: Students enrolled at another UW school. Supervisors are responsible for obtaining verification of the student’s association with the school system.
  • Level 3: Students enrolled at a non-UW accredited university, technical college, vocational/trade school, or high school. Supervisors are responsible for obtaining verification of the student’s association with the school system.
Does my Student Employee need a background check?
  • Review the Criminal Background Check Policy and the addendum to determine if your student needs a background check. If you have specific questions on this, please contact our office. If a criminal background check is required, the position will not be setup in the payroll system until receipt of the background check and a review of the results.
  • Positions of trust, as defined in the background check policy, will require a background check every four years.
My student hire is an International Student Employee. Are additional items needed?
  • Paperwork for international student employees does not differ. However, there are additional steps that international students must take to ensure proper taxation. This process is handled through an International Tax System (Glacier) and by obtaining a social security card/number.
  • Many international/exchange students may not have a social security number or card. This does not preclude them from employment. However, a social security number will be required for payroll purposes. Refer to the International Education Office’s website for a link to the Request for a Social Security Letter Form and information on what is needed to obtain a social security number.
  • International background checks can be conducted but at an increased cost. International background checks can only be done through Human Resources.
Are there specific training or onboarding steps I should be aware of when hiring a student?
The Onboarding Checklist is available as a resource. Included on the checklist is information on required training (EO54, etc.) and employment policies and procedures students must complete.
How do I make a change to an existing appointment (budget, pay rate, end date, etc.)?

In order to make a change to your student’s appointment, use the Student Hourly Employment Form and select CHANGE from the top drop down and completed the area of change on the form. If you want to make the same change to multiple employees, you can use the Multiple Student Hourly Employment Form.

How do I rehire a student?

Student positions are set up for the current academic year only. To continue a student's employment for the next summer and/or academic year, supervisors will receive a spreadsheet via e-mail towards the end of the academic year listing all current student positions under their supervision. Supervisors must complete this spreadsheet for all students included. Student jobs intended for rehire but not entered through this process must be submitted on a new Student Hourly Employment Form.