Payroll Schedules

Payroll schedules provide employees information on pay period date ranges, the dates in which paperwork/timesheets must be submitted in order to be processed, and dates in which payment will be received.  Though the pay period dates are specific to UW-Green Bay's academic calendar, the payment processing dates and pay dates are determined by UW System Administration.

Non-Exempt (Hourly) Payroll Schedule
University staff, academic staff hourly and student employees are paid for all hours worked per week.  Employees work a two-week period and complete a biweekly timesheet. 
Exempt (Salaried) Payroll Schedule

Faculty, academic staff and limited employees are compensated based upon their total job responsibilites as an annual or academic year salary.  For full-time employees, the biweekly rate of pay equals the annual/academic year contract salary rate divided by the number of biweekly pay periods associated with the pay basis and payroll schedule. The rate of pay for part-time employees is the full-time rate prorated for the part-time percentage, based on FTE.