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Human Resource Management Internships

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Internships during college can propel your career.

You might think that internships only help for your first job, but they can give you a competitive edge for years to come. By getting experience during college, you can network with experts and open up doors to your dream job.

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HR Management Internships for Credit

Generally, internships involve about 50 hours of field work for each credit, so about 150 hours for a three-credit internship; this is about 10 hours each week during a regular semester. In order to qualify for an internship for credit, you must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 and a junior standing. Internships follow these expectations:

Internship Grading

Internships are graded as Pass/No Credit and do not affect a students GPA.

Supervised Internship

The off-campus internship supervisor is expected to oversee your work and ensure the position offers educational value and a good experience.

Faculty Mentor

A on-campus faculty mentor oversees the internship, meets with you periodically during the semester, reviews your written work and submits your grade.

Internship Completion

The student and internship supervisor will complete a feedback survey at the end of the internship. Also, the student will complete coursework on the internship learning component.

Calli Materniak, Senior Recruiter with Wolters Kluwer

The Key to Your Career

"The HR program helped me to obtain two HR internships during my senior year that taught be about recruiting, CRM systems, job postings, HR admin responsibilities, etc. Those internships then helped me to obtain my first role out of college that was in recruiting."

Calli Materniak '18
Senior Recruiter with Wolters Kluwer

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