What is programming?

Programming is simply the coordination and planning of an organized event or activity aimed at helping residents learn and grow. They can be educational and fun. Resident Mentors (RMs) assess the needs and wants of their residents throughout the year and try to provide an assortment of programs from large to small. Residents are strongly encouraged to share ideas with their RM about what kind of programs they would like to see.

Why do we program?

As part of a university, it is important that Housing & Residential Education join in on the educational nature of learning. We strive to promote out-of-the-classroom learning as a way of life. We believe learning can be fun so we offer programs in a multitude of topics to prove it. Programs are one of the biggest difference between living on and off campus and are designed to help make your on-campus experience more enjoyable. RMs and campus leaders strive to provide a sense of community to help you feel at home.

RM programs:

  • Are intentional and pre-planned
  • Are aimed to meet your needs
  • Are educational, but also fun!
  • Are funded by your housing fees, so you should take advantage of them
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