Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enroll in certificate programs?
Anyone holding a baccalaureate degree or higher who wishes to further their education in a particular field.
What happens if I enroll but I do not finish the requirements of the certificate program?
Any learner who enrolls and completes a course will earn credit for that course/those courses. While you will not earn the certificate, you can still request a transcript from the UW-Green Bay Registrar’s office which will reflect your earned grade in those courses you completed. You may also be able to apply those earned credits to a future graduate degree or complete the certificate in the future.
Do I have to take the courses in a particular order?
Not necessarily, although not every course in a certificate is offered in every term. Check the details of the specific certificate in which you are interested for more details.
How long does a certificate take to complete?
This will depend on the certificate, but typically ranges in time between two and four semesters. Your program advisor can help you develop an academic plan.
Why would someone do a certificate rather than a degree, or at all?
Certificates can generally be completed in a shorter amount of time than a full degree and can be applied toward a master’s degree in the future, if desired. Certificates at the graduate level also provide targeted advanced training in specific areas, which may be desirable to one’s current or future employer for additional training or advancement. They also allow an individual to explore a specific graduate-level topic in detail without committing to the full degree program.
Will the completion of the certificate be on my transcript?
If you are pursuing a full degree through UW-Green Bay, it will be reflected on your transcript. If you are a special student, the certificate would not be reflected on your transcript. Every graduate of a certificate program will get a printed certificate, either from their program or UW-Extended Campus (for collaborative certificates).
Do I receive an actual/formal certificate? What does it look like?
Yes, you will receive an actual certificate. The home program for each certificate prints these. Your program advisor should be able to help answer questions you have regarding the printed certificate.
Can I earn a master's degree and certificate at the same time?
Can I earn a master's degree after I complete my certificate?
Yes. Our certificate programs are designed to ensure that you can apply the completed credits toward a specific master's degree at UW-Green Bay.
Can I pursue a graduate certificate while finishing my bachelor’s degree?
Not if you are completing your first bachelor’s degree.
Do I need to have a bachelor’s degree to apply?