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The University of Wisconsin – Green Bay takes great pride in our alumni; you play a critical role in promoting the growth and institutional reach of our campus. Graduate studies is growing, and has been identified as a key strategic expansion area for UW-Green Bay.  To realize our potential we need your help.  We know that our alumni are scattered across the globe, holding influential positions in government, industry, and the non-profit sectors.  Your professional journeys have provided you each with invaluable lessons that can benefit our students, and you hold unique insights in emerging fields.  Put simply, partnerships with our alumni provide our students with the mentors, internship opportunities, research experiences, and post-graduate employment opportunities that they need to thrive into today’s competitive professional landscape.  Your partnerships are essential to help us develop and maintain a relevant, dynamic program and opportunity portfolio for graduate studies. 

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The first step in building any collaboration is friend building.  We encourage you to share with us your experiences at UW-Green Bay, and your thoughts on how we can grow together (  We also encourage you to update your alumni information so we can keep you informed of the exciting changes at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. 

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New job, change of address, other exciting news…we want to celebrate with you. By keeping your contact information current, you will be invited to special alumni events, receive two issues of Inside magazine and gain access to the latest benefits, offers, news and events from UW-Green Bay.

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