Career Options

What can a Degree in Education from UW-Green Bay mean for you?

An Education Degree from UW-Green Bay can offer many opportunities and open many doors for future career pathways. The most well-known career for Education students is classroom teaching. Classroom teachers can work within their certification area in K-12 public, private, or parochial schools in the State of Wisconsin. Please see the list of licensure categories below for Wisconsin classroom teachers.

Licensure Categories
  • Early Childhood to Middle Childhood (EC-MC)
    Education Major, Teaches Ages 0-11
  • Middle Childhood to Early Adolescence (MC-EA) 
    Education Major w/ Minor, Teaches Ages 6-12/13
  • Early Adolescence through Adolescence (EA-A)
    Requires Education Minor with a Major in one of the following: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Economics, English, History, Mathematics, Political Science, or Psychology; Teaches Ages 10-21
  • Early Childhood through Adolescence (EC-A)
    Requires an Education Minor with a Major in one of the following areas, with an emphasis in Education: Art, Spanish, German, Music, or Theater; Teaches All Ages​​.
Other Educational Career Opportunities

Classroom teaching is not the only career available for Education Degree holders. Below is a list of other potential careers:

  • Youth Camp Directors/Leaders/Counselors
  • Youth Program Directors: Boys & Girls Club, 4-H Youth Development, Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts, YMCA Youth Programs
  • Classroom Paraprofessionals
  • Church/Religious Education Directors
  • Childcare Providers/Day Care Providers
  • Autism Line Therapist