Your Students Are Waiting for You

Some jobs are just jobs. Some are professions. Teaching is a calling. The training needed to become an accomplished, professional educator takes time and effort. But the passion to teach is something many of our students felt long before joining our program. Often it’s “that one teacher” who transforms school into a life-changing experience.

Across the nation, there’s a growing awareness of the importance of education and the need to sustain and reward teachers. In fact, in a recent Pew Research survey, education ranked third among voters’ top priorities in 2019. Bottom line? Our region, nation, and even the world want and need students just like you to choose teaching as a career. Your students are waiting for you!

Why Did I Become a Teacher? Hear from STEM Teachers Across Wisconsin

Become a Professional with a License to Teach

UW-Green Bay’s teacher education program is approved by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. The program is designed to prepare entry-level teachers with relevant content, professional knowledge and skills to effectively meet the future learning needs of a changing school population. To review professional licensure and certification requirements, use the professional licensure guide.

UW-Green Bay offers teacher licensing programs:
In addition to the licenses listed below, students may pursue a supplemental Bilingual/Bicultural Education and/or English as a Second Language license by completing a minor in Humanistic Studies with an emphasis in linguistics and any additional requirements set by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.
  • Elementary and Middle School
  • Middle and High School
  • Pre-K through 12
  • English and Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Bilingual
  • World Languages (French, German and Spanish)
  • Art
  • Music
  • Theater

Experience is the Best Teacher

You’ll become a teacher by teaching. Early clinical experiences—in classrooms with students—will allow you to observe and participate in actual educational settings. Often you’ll be working with students from various ethnic, cultural and economic groups, adult learners and exceptional needs children. Many of our student-teachers tell us the experience of personally connecting with their classroom is one of their most profound learning experiences while earning their degree. And our own dedicated, world-class faculty is behind you every step on the way.

Majriela Macedo UW-Green Bay B.S. Education

“Stepping into kindergarten, right then and there, I knew I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up.”

Majriela Macedo
UW-Green Bay B.S. Education


Education Program at a Glance

7% Growth in teaching jobs
Nationally through 2028,
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
20+ majors minors, licensure and certification opportunities
$54,998 average teaching salary in Wisconsin
Wisconsin Average Annual Salary
2016-17 School Year, The Washington Post


Matt Daily student teaching at an elementary school in the UW-Green Bay Education program.
Career Options
UW-Green Bay offers multiple education license programs, whether your goal is to work with elementary-level or secondary-level students.

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Brooke Soto (middle) with her class in Berlin, Germany.
Teaching Across the World
UW-Green Bay students have taught in the Midwest, Colorado, Arizona, Scotland, New Zealand, France, China, Thailand, Portugal and Mexico. 

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Education student Kyle student teaching at an elementary school
Classroom Experience
Learn from classroom experience early in the program. Choose a student teaching placement in your hometown, in Green Bay, or almost anywhere in the world. 

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Education Students teaching Wildlife Sanctuary Oaks 4-K Program
Thorough Preparation
Students are well prepared for their licensure and for the classroom.  

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Become a Phoenix

UW-Green Bay has excellent teachers, internships, research opportunities, and a great record of placing students into jobs and graduate programs. Learn More

How Do I Get Started?

Why Our Program Earns You a Gold Star

You’ll gain strong content knowledge, mastery of teaching techniques and the introductory experience needed to launch a successful, respected and in-demand career.

  • Personal attention from acclaimed professors.
  • Classroom experiences early in the program.
  • Student teaching placement almost anywhere in the world.
  • A choice of multiple license programs.
  • Opportunities to pursue a Bilingual/Bicultural Education and/or English as a Second Language license.


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