Student Spotlight


Abigail Gerbers - Human Biology Major with an emphasis in Nutritional Sciences/Dietetics

How does a Human Biology Major fit into your life’s plans?
My degree in Human Biology with an emphasis in Nutrition Sciences/Dietetics will lead me to my ultimate goal of becoming a Registered Dietitian. I am passionate about food’s ability to contribute to a healthy and strong individual, and I look forward to encouraging others to develop a healthy relationship with food. I am confident that UWGB has prepared me for my future in this career through developing skills both inside and outside of the classroom. 
What are three things you have with you at all times?
My planner, hand lotion and a snack.
What has been your greatest challenge?
My greatest challenge has been learning to not compare myself to other students and not being overly critical of myself. As a competitive person, I felt like I needed straight A’s and had to take on every possible extracurricular activity to be successful. I was burnt out and taking on too many things at once, making it hard to put 100% into everything I did. I have learned to stop comparing myself to classmates, because we all take different paths and have different experiences. Your peers are your allies and support system more than your competition. Hold yourself to a high standard, but be proud of where you are and what you have accomplished.
What makes UWGB special?
My experience at UWGB has been amazing. What makes this institution special is the professors. They are phenomenal teachers and mentors who truly care about their students. The professors here ensure that we receive the academic knowledge and real-world practical experience to be successful in our future education or career.
What is your best advice to current students?
Never doubt yourself! Do not shy away from an opportunity because you think you are underqualified, there are too many other candidates, someone else will surely win, or any other reason holding you back. If you are interested in an opportunity, go for it! You will grow as an individual and a professional when you challenge yourself and welcome new experiences.


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