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UW-Green Bay Collegiate AMA

Know Your Market

Build your skills. And your credibility.

What's the future of marketing? You are. We are. It's our job to understand what's next and be ready to lead with confidence. American Marketing Association's mission is to help us get there. Get exposure to help you adapt to the real world when you begin your career.

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AMA UW-Green Bay

About the UW-Green Bay AMA Collegiate Chapter

Expand your knowledge with real world experiences and strengthen your network among American Marketing Associaton (AMA) members, corporations, alumni and the community. This Collegiate AMA Chapter at UW-Green Bay brings educational opportunities, community and networking to marketing and business students alike. We seek to help in professional development through job counseling and advisory workshops, mentoring, critical thinking skills and networking skills of our chapter members.

Membership Information

Membership means joining of a community of over 445,000 individuals who share your passion, drive and a relentless thirst for knowledge. It doesn’t matter whether you are a thinker or a doer. If you want to shape the industry, join the largest professional marketing association in the world. AMA student membership national dues are $29 for a one-year term plus local collegiate chapter dues.

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In addition to local chapter events, the AMA Northeast Wisconsin chapter holds monthly programs September through June at locations between Green Bay and Oshkosh.

See AMA Northeast Wisconsin Events.

Online Resources

Access online communities and resources including tool kits, web/podcasts, white papers, articles and blogs. They’ve already invented the wheel for you!



Our officers are student leaders who have stepped up to represent this organization.

Olivia Heilman
Hannah Bunde
Vice President
Aniruddha Pangarkar
Aniruddha Pangarkar
Faculty Advisor
(920) 465-2264