Who should be a Computer Science major/minor?

Who should be a Computer Science Major?

The computer science major has two emphases: Information Assurance and Security, and Software Engineering. A Computer Science major has to be both an organizer and a detailed person--traits not often shared by a single individual. Patience is essential as the process of debugging programs can be extremely time consuming and wear down anyone's energy levels. They also have to be open to the notion that Computer Science is much more than learning some programming languages. There is a theoretical component involved, which involves some mathematical skills and analytical abilities. Finally, students need to be able to work in groups. Many Computer Science courses have group work as part of the requirement.

Who should be a Computer Science Minor?

A fair number of Business majors minor in Computer Science. This would also be a good minor for a Mathematics major, unfortunately both are discipline majors and, together, are not sufficient to meet university requirements. However, a student interested in this combination should investigate the individual major option.