Quality of Life Research

Brown County LIFE Study

The Center for Public Affairs team led the 2016 Brown County LIFE Study in partnership with St. Norbert College.The purpose of the LIFE Study was to develop a clear understanding of the overall quality of LIFE and related social and economic trends. The study provided an in-depth look into the conditions encompassing ten key areas. It is available at http://www.lifestudy.info 

Area of study Description
LIFE in the Community Demographics, Infrastructure, Civic engagement, Faith, Volunteerism, Government
LIFE at Work Economy and Employment
LIFE at Home Children and Families (child care, youth, elder care, populations with special needs, rural issues, ethnic issues)
LIFE of Self-Sufficiency Affordable Housing, Nutrition, Basic Needs
LIFE of Learning Education (K-12 and higher education)
A Safe LIFE  Personal and Public Safety
A Healthy LIFE  Physical and Mental Health
LIFE in Natural Environment Natural Environment (water/air quality, land use issues)
LIFE of Arts and Culture Arts and Cultural Assets and Pursuits
LIFE of Recreation and Leisure  Recreation, Leisure, and Sports

2011 LIFE Studies and Regional Report

The Center for Public Affairs, in partnership with the St. Norbert College Survey Center, conducted three simultaneous LIFE studies in 2011 for Southern Winnebago County, the Fox Cities, and Brown County. A comprehensive report for each community as well as a regional summary were released. They included information from all three communities was released in the fall of 2011. 
Brown County LIFE Study 2011
Fox Cities LIFE Study 2011