Center for the Advancement of Teaching & Learning


Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Consultants


Project Goals

The Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Consultants Project seeks to work collectively and collaboratively with our campus community on goals such as:

  1. Increase our institutional EDI resources and expertise so that we do not keep taxing the same people.  
  2. Increase instructor understanding of and engagement in EDI work through encouragement of their close peers and people who teach similar content and with similar signature pedagogies.   
  3. Increase instructor awareness of equity gaps in their courses or academic areas.  
  4. Increase use of evidence-based practices for reducing equity gaps and promoting inclusion in our classrooms.  
  5. Promote instructor understanding of student experiences in their academic programs and courses via the use of mechanisms such as intern feedback and intern-led student focus groups.  
  6. Enhance student-faculty collaboration on EDI work at UWGB.  
  7. Provide additional high-impact experiential learning opportunities for students through the [EDI] internships and potential mentored research/assessment opportunities.  
  8. Improve student retention in academic programs and at the university by improving their experiences in the classroom and with their instructors.   
  9. Promote the thoughtful integration of EDI work into faculty retention and promotion reviews.  

Further, the EDI Consultants Initiative will align our actions more closely with our stated mission by providing tangible resources and expertise specific to equity, diversity, and inclusion in our academic programs and colleges.

EDI Consultants will develop projects based on their interests and expertise that have the potential to positively impact inclusive, culturally-responsive, or equity-minded instruction at UWGB. 

2022-23 Consultants

Lisa Lamson

Cory Mathieu

Lisa Poupart

Jolanda Sallmann

Lois Stevens

2021-22 Consultants

Consultant Name Area of Emphasis
Gaurav Bansal Bias in Artificial Intelligence
Christin DePouw Culturally Responsive / Sustaining Pedagogies (CRSP)
Tracy Fernandez-Rysavy Microaggressions
Alison Gates Universal Design in Learning (UDL)
Amy Kabrhel Open Educational Resources (OER)
Carly Kibbe Equity Gaps in Gateway & Introductory Courses
Katia Levintova Student Parent Advocacy
Bree Lybbert Inclusive Teaching Practices in STEM
Patricia Terry New Faculty Mentoring
Cary Waubanascum Indigenous Pedagogies

Examples of Past EDI Consultant Projects