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Distance Education Grant

The Distance Education Grant is designed to support academic programs or a “coalition” of courses from across programs that wish to advance the access-oriented mission of our institution through distance education. UW-Green Bay’s four campuses and its seven modalities uniquely position our academic programs to reach students from the northern suburbs of Milwaukee to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and beyond. 

The purpose of the Distance Education Grant is to enhance the experiences of students and instructors across the many learning environments and physical locations of UW-Green Bay. Participants in the Distance Education Grant will work with CATL and other groups on campus to consider their academic program or coalition of courses at the curricular-level and support faculty in course-specific planning. 

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Goals for the Grant

  1. Build capacity of instructors to design courses across their chosen modes of instruction.
  2. Enrich student experience through high-quality curricular and course design.
  3. Develop an equitable learning experience across the modalities in the curriculum.
  4. Increase access to general education and/or core program curricula throughout the region.  

Who May Apply

Examples of academic programs and “coalitions” of courses include:

  • Academic programs: Environmental Science, the Graduate Social Work Program, and Environmental Engineering are all academic programs that have worked with CATL in previous grant cycles. 
  • Coalitions of courses: General education coalitions, such as instructors of Writing Emphasis classes or Social Work general education instructors, have participated in the past. Interdisciplinary coalitions of faculty from across programs whose courses all count toward a specific certificate would be another example. 

As our institution focuses on our access-oriented mission, we would especially welcome applications from academic programs or coalitions of courses that: 

  • Seek to develop a pathway of offerings in one or more distance modalities, OR
  • Intend to offer courses required for a major across our four campuses, OR
  • Want to increase general education offerings at the locations through one or more synchronous distance modality, OR
  • Plan to develop or revise the academic delivery of a degree program or series of courses to incorporate distance modalities.
The DE Grant is open to UW-Green Bay faculty and academic staff who regularly teach for the institution and are not planning sabbaticals for the year in which they are applying. Though you will apply as a program or coalition of courses, that does not mean that all instructors who teach courses in your academic program or coalition need to apply. A smaller subset of instructors who wish to work on curriculum and distance education course design on behalf of their program may apply for the grant. Your grant application will need to identify a project lead and will need to include letters of commitment from each instructor who will participate, but only the project lead will submit the application.

There will be an opportunity to work individually and independently on your course(s), but please remember this is a collaborative project that considers the curriculum as a whole. The grant application narrative should articulate how your project enhances distance learning pathways and the student experience across your program.

Past Grant Recipients


  • Sociology and Anthropology Program


  • English Program & Writing and Applied Arts Program (joint proposal)
  • Environmental Science Program
  • Modern Language Translation Certificate
  • Social Work Undergraduate Program
  • Social Work Graduate Program

Application Process

Check back later for information about future opportunities around distance education!