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Our Mission

We partner with faculty to promote a culture of continuous improvement in teaching by investigating and engaging with evidence-based best practices, professional development opportunities, the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), and the cultivation of reflective learning communities. Our ultimate goal is to engender lifelong learning in instructors to enhance the student experience.

Teaching Toolbox

Where to Begin?

Sometimes just knowing where to start is the hard part. CATL has assembled a number of quick-start guides, top-10 lists, and other resources to get you started in improving instruction.
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Distance Education Certificate

Begin Your Adventure!

The certificate program consists of three courses: Teaching with Technology Basecamp, Distance Education Trail Guides, and Distance Education Retreats. Instructors will earn stipends after completing each of the courses which act as steps in the certification sequence. Instructors will earn a badge after completing the first and second courses in the sequence, and the distance education certificate after completing the third course. Anyone developing or reconfiguring a course for any of the distance education modalities is encouraged to participate.
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