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2020 Camp Videos

Camp Lloyd went virtual for the 2020 Summer Camp and created a fun and engaging series of videos that will keep kids engaged all year. Kids and parents can visit anytime to meet our wonderful buddies and grief counselors, who worked hard to design and prepare activities, crafts, coping exercises and other information to help kids process their feelings of loss in safe and nurturing ways.

Welcome to Virtual Camp Lloyd

Dr. Ilene Cupit, founder and director of Camp Lloyd, welcomes kids and parents to Virtual Camp Lloyd, celebrating fifteen years of sharing community with kids, dealing with the loss of a loved one. Ilene and her team of Buddies have worked hard all year to design activities for the camp, including fun ideas and grief-coping strategies from experienced counselors. 

Intro with Ashton & Delaney
Head Buddies, Ashley and Delaney, preview some of the many activities Camp Lloyd will be presenting in upcoming videos, including making sidewalk chalk, drum making, Grief counselors will also be talking about the value of stress balls and journaling for childhood grief. 

Egg Carton Turtles with Carter
Learn how to make egg carton turtles with Carter, a fun craft to do anytime with materials readily available in your home. Show off your creativity!

DIY Hand Drum with Stephanie
Stephanie demonstrates how to make a hand drum with supplies around the house or available at a dollar store for very little expense. Prepare to make some noise!

Making Banana Ice Cream with Benjamin
Presenting a short activity on how to make your own banana ice cream, a healthier option ice cream. Feel free to customize your extra ingredients. 

DIY Play Dough with Kayla
Kayla shares a childhood recipe for play dough you can make yourself, using cornstarch and hair conditioner. Food coloring optional!

Galaxy or Calming Jars with Hayley & Brianna B
Hayley and Brianna B demonstrate two kinds of galaxy or calming jars, one in a glass jar and one in a plastic bottle. A relaxing way to shake things up!

Sidewalk Chalk Paint with Marissa & Hannah
Learn how to make squirt-able sidewalk chalk with Marissa and Hannah with cornstarch, baking soda and water. Display your colorful side!

How to Make Donut Apples with Bailee

Bailee takes you step-by-step through a recipe to make a delicious snack. A healthy alternative to deep frying. Don't forget the sprinkles. 

How to Make Fortune Tellers with Emily A

Emily shares how to make fortune tellers (sometimes called cootie catchers). No bugs involved!

Ants on a Log with Kaitlyn Z

Kaitlyn shares a childhood favorite recipe — ants on a log. Made with either celery or bananas. Peanut buttery good!

How To Crochet with Kylie

You can be the next crocheting sensation! Kylie teaches you how to get started. 

How to Make Puppy Chow with Rianna K

More deliciousness as Rianna shows you how to make puppy chow, a crowd favorite. Be careful with the powdered sugar!

How to Make Bird Feeders with Josie

Attract robins, chickadees and sparrows with these easy-to-make bird feeders. Place them in key places around the yard, so you can watch these feathered friends. 

Water and Oil Lava Lamp with Caitlin W

Make your room a groovy accessory with a home-made lava lamp. Glow in the dark glitter optional!

Rock Painting with Abby S

You never run out of supplies when you're painting rocks. A fun and easy craft when you're feeling creative. 

DIY Galaxy Slime with Nancy & Hanette

Be as "extra" as you want to be! Make your own galaxy slime with ingredients found around the house. 

How to Make a Paper Airplane with Savannah

Every kid should know how to make a paper airplane. Follow Savannah's easy steps.

How to Paint A Sunflower with Maggie

Sunflowers are a great symbol of summer. Make your sunflower masterpiece on a paper plate.

How-to Make a Friendship Bracelet with Kitty

Learn how to make a simple friendship bracelet in a pattern called the Chinese Staircase. Share with your best friend. 

Grief Journaling with Kaelee

Kaelee, Head Grief Counselor at Camp Lloyd, shares some options for starting a grief journal, including a range of journal formats and writing instruments.

Coping Skills with Danny

Danny, grief counselor, talks about coping skills. What are they? What are healthy ones? What are unhealthy ones?

Stress Balls with Danny

Danny, grief counselor, shares how to make a stress ball with beads and a balloon. 

Belly Breathing with Bailey

Belly breathing is a great way to calm yourself down when you're feeling upset or anxious. 

Feelings with Tyler

Grief counselor, Tyler, talks about feelings and how your body might react. 

Camp Lloyd Finale Video

Inspiration and final messages from Buddies and counselors. 

Closing Ceremony with Ilene

Founder and Director, Dr. Ilene Cupit, offers closing thoughts on the value of sharing our stories of grief and loss in a community of caring friends, Buddies and counselors. Camp Lloyd will be back for its sixteenth year in 2021! *virtual hug*

Image still from video by Haelee Heideman
A Presentation by Haelee
Children's Grief Myths Debunked, a presentation by grief counselor, Haelee Heideman

Camp Lloyd Closing Poem

We come to Camp Lloyd
To share our stories of grief
And to give each strength.
Remember, you are not alone.
Your family, teachers and friends
Are always there for you.
They love you very much
And that love does not die.
Love is forever.


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