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Paul Werner Assistant Teaching Professor

Paul Werner

Assistant Teaching Professor

Paul Werner is an assistant teaching professor for Entrepreneurship at the Cofrin School of Business. Paul has many years' experience as an entrepreneur in the printing, frozen food, and horticultural industries. Paul started his first business at the age of 18, and has many business starts since then. Paul's interest in entrepreneurship includes published papers about issues facing entrepreneurs: using social media to promote business, obtaining capital for start-ups, using organizational structure as a tax advantage, using guerilla marketing tactics, and other topics relevant to practicing entrepreneurs. Paul's formal positions in marketing and management includes work in fortune 500 companies and smaller corporations. Paul uses examples from his experiences in the classroom to bring life to the topic at hand.

Paul's passion for teaching and learning abounds. His energy and enthusiasm for teaching and learning are active and engaging, where the students take a leading role in their own learning. Paul uses active, experiential learning techniques to assist the students in acquiring new knowledge,  new ideas, and new concepts. Paul encourages his students to take an active role in their learning, to seek out new knowledge, and to question everything.

Paul went to the school of hard knocks, where he learned the principles of business, management, and marketing by brute force of the marketplace. Paul then went on and earned a bachelor's degree in marketing from Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan, and then he obtained an MBA from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. Since then, Paul has worked in various industries and has started many small businesses. Paul’s main occupation is now teaching where he engages the students in active learning opportunities and encourages students to participate in experiential learning activities.