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BIPOC Mentors

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Find a guide for your journey to success.

We want you to succeed. Whatever obstacles you face, from academic trouble to microaggressions to anxiety about college, mentors are here for you. They have walked in your shoes.

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Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness. Mentors support you as you navigate the trials and tribulations of college, especially as a student of color at a predominantly white institution. Meet the Fall 2021 mentors below.

Black female student studies outdoors.Somali female student in hijab presents her projects during multicultural event.Black male student leans against column while studying.Male Asian students works on a project in the print studio.

Mentor roll call

Adriana Boesen
Adriana Boesen (she/her)
Adriana is majoring in Social Work and Psychology. In her free time she likes to play soccer and tennis, make string bracelets, and lifting weights.  She started the student group Bracelet Brigade on campus.

Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin
Identification:  Mexican American
Goal: Become a therapist/occupational therapist

​ Malek Zaatrah
Malek Zaatrah (he/him)

Malek is a third year Social Work major. For fun, Malek enjoys playing video games and watching soccer and basketball.

Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Identification: Arab American
Goal: Environmental social worker

Mentor Ian Moehr.
Ian Moehr (he/him)
Ian is a senior Psychology major. In his pare time he watches TV/movies, volunteers in his community, and spends time withfriends and family.

Hometown: Brillion, Wisconsin
Identification: White/Caucasian and Native American
Major: Psychology

Career: High school guidance counselor

Sandy Salgado (she/her)

Sandy is majoring in Human Biology with an emphasis in Health and Science and a minor in Psychology. For fun, she enjoys hanging out with friends and family, re-watching tv shows (especially TVD), working out, and doing arts + crafts. 
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Identification: Mexican-American
Goal: Pediatrician
Beatriz Castaneda
Beatriz Castaneda (she/her)

Beatriz is a Social Work major. In her spare time, she loves to do all sorts of things like playing UNO, putting together edible arrangements, and practicing self-care.

Hometown: Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Identification: Mexican
Goals: Completing Bachelor's in Social Work, then pursing a Master's degree in psychotherap

Nadia Zaatrah
Nadia Zaatrah (she/her)

Nadia is a senior majoring in Psychology. For fun, she enjoys reading, cooking, baking, and caring for her 100+ plants!

Hometown: Appleton, Wisconsin
Identification: Palestinian American
Goal: Using her degree to help others.

Cha Ia Yang
Cha Ia Yang (she/her)
Cha Ia is a Psychology major. For fun, Cha Ia enjoys going on walks, playing with her cats, and playing instruments.

Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin
Identification: Hmong/Thai-American
Goals: obtaining a DBT Certification and pursuing research


Liz Castro-Bautista
Liz Castro-Bautista (she/her)
Liz a Psychology major.  Liz enjoys painting and reading for fun and spending time with dogs and watching movies.

Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin
Identification: Mexican-American
Goals: Attend grad school for Social Psychology