Conducting Chain Analysis and Solution Analysis in DBT

Conducting Chain Analysis and Solution Analysis in DBT
Part of the Part of the Advanced DBT Training Series Series
February 23, 2023, 8:30am - 12:30pm
Virtual Learning via Zoom
$15 full members; $60 partial members and nonmembers
Trainer(s): Neal Moglowsky, LPC
Continuing Education Hours:(s): 4.0

Course Description

In this training we will orient to the use of and functions of behavioral chain analysis in DBT. We will identify what behaviors off of the diary card to chain, the general structure of a chain and how to identify specific controlling variables in which to intervene. We will then work on identifying an appropriate solution analysis through the use of "Mini-treatment plans," to the actual problems leading to target behaviors. Finally, we will illustrate the entire concept from start to finish with an unscripted role play.

About Your Trainer

Neal Moglowsky, LPC

Neal Moglowsky received his Master’s degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and is a Licensed Professional Counselor. He has been working as a psychotherapist since 1995 and is a co-owner of the Center for Behavioral Medicine (CBM) in Brookfield, Wisconsin. CBM, is currently the only Linehan Board of certification, certified DBT program in Wisconsin. Neal has been conducting skills training groups in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) since 1997. He completed his intensive training in DBT in 2003 and became a Linehan Board Certified DBT clinician in 2015. He has received advanced training in the treatment of anxiety disorders, including prolonged exposure for PTSD, OCD, and Panic Disorder. He also integrates mindfulness practices into his clinical work to help increase self-awareness and teach clients how to better control their focus and attention. In addition to his work at CBM, Neal has been a consultant and trainer for State of Wisconsin DHS, the Great Lakes Regional Mental Health Technology Transfer Center, and a multitude of counties throughout the state. Neal has an infectious sense of commitment and motivation to the health of the clients he works with. His goal is to empower his clients let their values and ethics drive their life choices rather than their emotions and impulses.