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Athletics at UW-Green Bay

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On the field or at the Kress.

Legendary Packer Vince Lombardi believed soccer, not football, offered UW-Green Bay the best prospects of success. And when the coach spoke, we listened. If you want to get into your own game, or pool, or top of the rock tower, our Kress Event Center ranks 5th nationally among the "most impressive college gyms and student rec centers.”

Green Bay Women’s Basketball Team

Riding a winning streak—of 43 years! Trailing only Tennessee for the longest active consecutive winning seasons.

Green Bay's
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And 60+ Horizon League Championships.

Say “Green Bay sports” and you probably think football. Say UW-Green Bay sports and there’s a lot more to think (and cheer) about. Our 14 teams, from golf to nordic skiing, compete (and win) throughout the country.

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From laid-back to intense we've got a sport that's perfect for you.

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Gamers unite! Answer your Call of Duty. Or inner Mario. Or Rocket League…or….

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great outdoors

We’re surrounded by nearly 300 acres and six miles of trails. Yearn to wander farther afield?

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A Bird with a Storied History.

Many a stalwart student has climbed into some pretty strange Phlash fashion statements through the decades. And on a few occasions, the feathers really flew.

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The Bird Is
The word

(Especially on Fridays.)

Phoenix Friday is a tradition when Phoenix Nation wears and displays their favorite spirit wear—even online. And never fear if you need to upgrade your gear—the Phoenix Bookstore is your one-stop-shop in person or online.

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It's a game so big, it takes a week of celebration to hold all our spirit.

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Green bandana

A group with so much spirit they wear green bandanas to keep their heads from exploding.

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Go Pack GO!

The world’s most popular team in the smallest market—that’s so Green Bay.

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Phlash &

Catch the 4-Campus Spirit!

Marinette, Manitowoc, Sheboygan and Green Bay are all part of one university. But each community campus has its own rich heritage and athletic history. So get to know this cast of colorful characters—and Go Blue Devils, Phoenix, Wombats and Buccaneers!

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