Areas of Emphasis

Three specialty tracks focus your skills on what matters most to your career. Each track has three courses and students may complete more than one track.


Learn how to ensure quality standards are met, from beginning to end. You will focus on quality control and validation in product design, development, and manufacturing. Examine key regulatory agencies and practices within the highly-regulated and diverse biotechnology industry from a global perspective.

As a student in this track, you will learn about:

  • Quality standards and validation
  • Bio manufacturing Automation in QC
  • FDA and ICH regulations
  • Clinical trials
  • Consumer and environmental protection methods

Become a biotechnology business whiz. You’ll focus on commercialization strategies for diverse areas of biotechnology, including pharmaceutical marketing, b2b marketing, and the importance of the supply chain relevant to a variety of processes specific to biotechnology. Gain competence in quality and project management from R&D to market.

As a student in this track, you will learn about:

  • Marketing fundamentals
  • Startup strategies
  • Sourcing and purchasing
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability
  • Project management
  • Six Sigma
R&D—where innovation begins. You’ll explore strategies in evaluating and implementing new products within diverse areas of biotechnology including agriculture, industrial, medical, and environmental. Learn how to apply computational methods and data analysis to solve a problem.

As a student in this track, you will learn about:
  • Scientific discovery
  • Intellectual property, patents, and licensing
  • Market valuation
  • Supply chain
  • Scaling and growth
  • Bioinformatics