Degree Requirements

Complete 11 courses and a total of 31 credits:

Core Courses

All students are required to complete 6 core courses.
  • Principles of Biotechnology
  • Ethics, Safety, and Regulatory Environments in Biotechnology
  • Professional and Technical Communication in Biotechnology
  • Techniques in Biotechnology
  • Experimental Design and Analysis in Biotechnology
  • Leadership in Organizations

Areas of Emphasis

Students chose one of three identified specialized tracks to complete (more than one track may be completed if desired). Each track has 3 courses.
Track 1  Quality Assurance and Compliance
  • Quality Control and Validation
  • Regulatory Practice and Compliance
  • Industrial Applications in Regulatory Affairs
Track 2  Business Management
  • Biotechnology Marketing and Entrepreneurship
  • Global Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Quality and Project Management
Track 3  Research and Development
  • Assessing Innovation in Biotechnology
  • Product Development
  • Tools for Data Analysis

Capstone Courses 

All students are required to complete both capstone courses.
  • Pre-Capstone
  • Capstone
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