Alumni are our best recruiters.

As alumni, we are UW-Green Bay’s best recruiters because we have walked the tunnels, slept in the residence halls, learned from faculty and made great friendships. Your alma mater has set a very ambitious goal to increase enrollment from 7,500 to 10,000 in the next five years. The University must grow to be able to withstand budget cuts and the competitive nature of higher education. If you are interested in helping increase access and recruit students to UW-Green Bay, there are plenty of ways you can help.

Serve as a Panelist

Each semester, UW-Green Bay hosts several Open Houses and Preview Days. At these important recruiting events, student and alumni panelists talk about their experiences and careers. This is a great opportunity to impact prospective students at an important time in their lives. You may help them to discover a career path they never considered before. Email if interested in serving on a panel.

Volunteer at Admissions Events

UW-Green Bay hosts fun and exciting recruitment days on and off campus and volunteers are needed to accommodate the large groups of students who attend. Consider volunteering for Draft Day at Lambeau Field or Sophomore Day on campus. There is always a need for volunteers and this is a great way to support your alma mater. To express interest in volunteering, email Assistant Director of Admissions Bridget Derge at

Be a Resource

Applying to college is stressful for anyone and there are many ways UW-Green Bay makes the process as easy as possible. We make phone calls to admitted students, write parent to parent notes, represent UW-Green Bay at education fairs and in high school classrooms and are working to start a parent newsletter to include alumni articles about their UW-Green Bay experiences as well as their children’s journeys as they navigate higher education. To participate in any of these activities, email