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UWGB Environmental Science students learning in the field.
UW-Green Bay admissions staff Kory Baker.

Kory Baker

Bilingual Admissions Counselor

Call/Text: (920) 465-2250
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Territory: Greater Green Bay area and out of state students
Advice for college-seeking students: College is all about opportunities. Take advantage of them! You have so many chances to get involved, make connections, ask the experts, expand your understanding of the world, and so much more. College is what you make of it, and UW-Green Bay has everything you need to help you rise!

UW-Green Bay admissions staff Vicki Villarreal.

Vicki Villarreal

Bilingual Career Coach

Call: (920) 366-2668
Text: (920) 250-8076
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Video: Meet Vicki

Territory: Green Bay Southwest and Green Bay Preble
Advice for college-seeking students: To incoming students: Don’t be afraid to ask questions! College can be incredibly intimidating, but we are here to answer your questions and ease your concerns.
UW-Green Bay admissions staff Arlene Torres.

Arlene Torres

Senior Bilingual Admissions Counselor

Call: (414) 333-2895
Text: (920) 214-9910
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Territory: Southeastern Wisconsin
Why I like working for UW-Green Bay: I enjoy working at UW-Green Bay because it is an educational institution that truly ensures each and every student is provided with the best experience. We truly care about our students and their ability to reach their personal and professional goals.

UW-Green Bay admissions staff Katelyn Strzok.

Katelyn Strzok

Admissions Counselor

Call: (715) 773-8013
Text: (920) 214-6189
Email Katelyn
Video: Meet Katelyn

Territory: Western Wisconsin
Advice for college-seeking students: College is what you make it; get involved, take challenging classes, meet new people and participate in campus life. UW-Green Bay is a great place to live, learn, work and play! 

UW-Green Bay admissions staff Pachee Stern.

Pachee Stern

Bilingual Admissions Counselor

Call/Text: (920) 465-2939
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Video: Meet Pachee

Territory: Fox Valley and Madison areas
Advice for college-seeking students: College is the time to step outside of your comfort zone and participate in many different clubs and events! It's also the time to "find" yourself-gain perspective and recognize your gifts and talents to help those around you! Seek out different volunteer, community, and internship experiences!

UW-Green Bay admissions staff Nicole Becker.

Nicole Becker

Admissions Counselor and Academic Advisor

Call/Text: (920) 683-2829 
Email Nicole
Video: Meet Nicole

Territory: UW-Green Bay, Manitowoc Campus students
Favorite part of UW-Green Bay: I love the opportunities to connect with students both in the admissions process as well as academic advising.  Every student is different and we want to help you find the right fit and right path for you and your goals!  Don’t be afraid to ask ALL the questions.  College can be overwhelming and confusing but that’s why we are here!

UW-Green Bay admissions staff Maddy Dooling.

Maddy Dooling

Admissions Counselor

Call/Text: (715) 504-3303
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Video: Meet Maddy

Territory: Northern Wisconsin and Michigan
Why I like working for UW-Green Bay: UW-Green Bay is committed to creating opportunities for all students who want to learn. We recognize each prospective and current student as an individual person with their own story as to how they got here. 

UW-Green Bay admissions staff Vanesa Hernandez Cevallos.

Vanesa Cyracus

Bilingual Admissions Counselor

Call: 920-376-2679
Text: (920) 214-6189
Email Vanesa
Video: Meet Vanesa

Territory: Eastern Wisconsin
Advice for college-seeking students: Remember that college is all about the opportunities you take advantage of. Whether it’s participating in student life or using on campus resources, it’s all about what you make it. 

UW-Green Bay admissions staff Ashton Choma.

Ashton Choma

Admissions Counselor

Call: (920) 465-2124
Text: (920) 289-3264
Email Ashton
Video: Meet Ashton

Territory: Regional Support
Favorite part of UW-Green Bay: My favorite part of UW-Green Bay is the sense of community on campus and being surrounded by nature! 

UW-Green Bay admissions staff Alyssa Simonar.

Alyssa Simonar

Admissions Counselor

Call/Text: (920) 465-2017
Email Alyssa
Video: Meet Alyssa

Territory: Transfer Students
Favorite part of UW-Green Bay: As a former student, I remember taking time to walk the arboretum trails during my class day. Taking in the natural beauty that campus has to offer was a great way for me to recharge and reflect on my dreams I was chasing! I encourage all students to do the same- Believe in yourself & always take time to reflect on all that you are accomplishing each day - big & small!

UW-Green Bay admissions staff Meagan Manders.

Meagan Manders

Admissions Counselor

Call/Text: (920) 465-2963
Email Meagan
Video: Meet Meagan

Territory: NWTC transfer students
Advice to college-searching students: College is about so much more than the classes you take and the major you pick! It’s your time to explore your interests, get involved, and meet new people, so find a place that feels like home to you and make the most of it! 

UW-Green Bay admissions staff Kristina Berg.

Kristina Berg

Campus Visit Experience Coordinator

Why I like working at UW-Green Bay: I love when students visit UW-Green Bay and they have that “Aha!” moment when they realize that this is the school for them.

UW-Green Bay admissions staff Katelyn Dolezal.

Katelyn Dolezal

Student Recruitment and Enrollment Coordinator

My favorite thing about UW-Green Bay: When I walk the halls of UW-Green Bay, as a student or as a staff member, I feel so at home with the wonderful, warm people who make up the UW-Green Bay community.

UW-Green Bay admissions staff Bridget Derge.

Bridget Derge

Assistant Director of Operations for Recruitment

Advice for college searching students: Have fun and live in the moment! College is the best, and it goes by too fast. Travel, make new friends, and get involved. You only get one life so make everyday a great day.

UW-Green Bay admissions staff Mike Gallagher.

Michael Gallagher

Assistant Director of Admissions for Operations

Why I like working at UW-Green Bay: I like sharing information with prospective students about all the great things UW-Green Bay has to offer, making college dreams come true by admitting students, and watching the students that we admit as freshmen transform into confident, prepared, and success-minded graduates.

UW-Green Bay admissions staff Rachele Bakic.

Rachele Bakic

Executive Director of Admissions

Advice for college-searching students: Think about cost. College can be affordable. Apply for lots of scholarships, big and small. Scholarships are free money that you do not need to payback! Set a goal to apply to a few each month, starting during your sophomore year of high school, so you’re ahead of the curve. UW-Green Bay gives away over $1 million in scholarships, available at all four campus locations.


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